Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard Online Login | How to Apply

Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard issued by Affinity Credit Union is a Canadian credit association that claims to be transparent in its services And is able to adapt its services to the needs of its customers.

These conditions are seen when examining available credit cards that are accessible for personal use. Needless to say that it is for individuals who spend it to earn a significant amount of money because the price of this card is only offset by the huge number of bonus points available for eligible purchases.Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard
Before continuing with your request, read the CUETS Privacy Policy to see how your personal information will be used. CUETS is a financial institution that works with Affinity to provide this credit card.

Features of Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard

You earn Two rewards points for every $ 1 spent on qualifying purchases
You get a Signup Bonus of 5000 points and low transfer rate for the first 10 billing cycles
Annual fee 150 USD
Cash Advance APR 19.49%(APR may change)
Cash Advance fee $2.00 in Canada and $3.50 outside Canada.ATM cash advances, $ 4.00 in Canada and $ 4.85 outside Canada for cash advances over- the- counter
Late payment fee In the case of a minimum deferred payment more than once for 12 consecutive invoicing cycles, the standard rates applicable to your account will be increased by 5%
Purchases APR 19.49% (APR may change).


To request Elite World Rewards MasterCard for Affinity Credit, the following requirements must be met:
You live in Canada and have a Canadian credit rating
You have most of your age in your province or territory
You have not filed for bankruptcy in the last 7 years and you have not actually had no late payments

How to Apply for Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Step 1 – You can begin the application by going to the website and Clicking Apply now, which is located under the CHOICE REWARD world Elite MasterCard credit card.
Step 2 – Click Yes and enter “Affinity” in the empty box displayed. Click on the Affinity Credit Union” as shown in the drop-down list. and then click on Continue
Step 3 – Check the box below the Subtitle Information to accepts an electronic copy of the terms and conditions of the privacy statement in the application form.
Step 4 – Go to the Primary Request Information heading. Click on it, click Yes to indicate whether you are a Canadian citizen. Continue by entering your personal details.
Step 5 – Here you are to mention your date of birth and mother’s maiden name
Step 6 – In the employment Information section, use the drop-down menu to view the employment status. And provide your job information.
Step 7 – You can add a legitimate user to your account, do any balance transfer to consolidate the previous balances on one invoice and choose the card security. Note these activities are optional. Then click on continue.
Step 8: Read the terms and conditions of the credit card displayed carefully so that you fully understand why you are applying. If accepted, click the box in the Condition window to agree.
Step 9 – Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Continue to send the application to CUETS for review to complete your card application.
Candidates will be contacted within 14 days on approval or refused the credit card they have requested. If the approval or refusal is not granted within this period, you should contact the nearest branch of the Affinity Credit Union to be sure if there were no problems with the application process.

How to login

To open your account go to the login page and enter your username. Then Click the Login button to continue
Input your password here and click on Submit to access your online account.
If you have forgotten your password and can’t log in to your account, click Forgot your password? link and a password recovery page appear. Enter your date of birth and mother’s maiden name to verify your identity. Finally, click on Send and the means to get a forgotten password will be provided to you.

Activation / Registration of Affinity Credit Union Choice Rewards World Elite Mastercard

To activate the card, you must call the number 1 (800) 561-7849 and follow the instructions of your customer service representative. When your card is active, you can log into the online Cuet bank account by clicking on the secure registration link. Which takes you to the Online Banking Portal where you can start registering your account by clicking on the link New user / Register now.
Enter your card number in the empty field that you find under the Subtitle: account information. Click on Send and you will be directed to continue to the next step of the process in which you need to provide some security information. Finally, you will be asked to select a username and password for your account before completing your registration.

Telephone: 1 (800) 561-7849
Mailing Address: CUETS Financial // P.O. BOX 3030 // Regina, SK // S4P 3G8