Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Gold Choice Rewards Mastercard Online Login | How to Apply

Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Gold Choice Rewards Mastercard

Affinity Credit Union is a card that allows you to earn rewards and maintain additional security for both you and your family at affordable rates. Those using this card will be trading for 2,000 worth of the bonus reward points in order to pay half the cost of the Affinity Credit Union Gold Choice Rewards Master card on annual basis.Affinity Credit Union Low Fee

Features of Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Gold Choice Rewards Mastercard

Gives 1 point for every $ 1 spent on eligible purchases
You earn a signup Bonus of 3,000 points, 3.99% promotion APR for 10-month transfers in balance (annual rates may change)
The Annual fee is $59
The Cash Advance APR is 19.49% APR (APRmay change)
The Cash Advance fee in Canada is $ 2.00 and $ 3.50 outside Canada on ATM but on cash advances, it is $ 4.00 in Canada and $ 4.85 outside Canada.
The Late payment fee In the case of a minimum deferred payment more than once for 12 consecutive billing cycles, the standard rates of your account are increased by 5%
A 19.49% on Purchases APR (APR may change)


To apply for Gold Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard Rewards Gold, you must meet the following requirements:
You are a Canadian resident and have a Canadian credit record
You have most of your age in your province or territory
You have not filed a bankruptcy during the last 7 years and you have not really made late payments

How to Apply for Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Gold Choice Rewards Mastercard

Step 1: Start by opening the application web page. Once the page is loaded, scroll down and click on the Apply Now link, which is under the heading of low Fee Gold choice Rewards MasterCard credit card.
Step 2: You will be asked to enter your credit union by selecting Yes and entering the “Affinity Credit Union” in an empty field. After entering, click on Continue.
Step 3: Below the heading: information box at the top of the page, check the box indicating your acceptance of the electronic terms and conditions and also the privacy policy.
Step 4: Go to the Primary Applicant’s Information window and Provide your personal information. in the blank area or using the drop-down menu.
Step 5: Next, enter your date of birth and mother’s maiden name.
Step 6: Provide your employment information.
Step 7: You can now add an authorized user to your account, consolidate previous balances on a single balance by transferring your balance, and/or insurance to protect the transfer of your purchase balance. These activities are completely elective. Click on Continue to proceed.
Step 8: Read the terms and conditions shown on this page to gain full knowledge of what terms you will receive if you are authorized to use this credit card. If satisfied with CUETS terms, give your consent in the box located in the condition window
Step 9: Send your application to CUETS for review. It can be done by clicking the Continue & Save button! and confirmation must be sent to your short emails.

How to login

Get started by going to the CUETS Online Banking Portal, Enter your username in the space specified in the login menu. After this, click “Log in” to continue.
On this page, enter your password and click Submit. You must have access to your online bank account and can fully use your credit card.

If you have forgotten your password and can not log in to your account, click Forgot your password? link next to the password input box. On this page, you enter your date of birth and mother’s name. After you have entered the required information, click Send to see how you can get your forgotten password.

Activation / Registration

To activate your credit card, call the number 1 (800) 561-7849 to get a customer service representative who will assist you to activate the card. After you have activated the card, you can register for a CUETS online bank account by clicking the Secure registration link. Click on New User in the login window, Login now and continue.
As a new user, you must provide some personal information and set up your account by creating login details.
Step 1: Enter the card number in the field under Account details and click Submit.
Step 2: Provide your security information while you are prompted to choose your username and password.
Step 3. Once you have completed each of these steps, your online account is ready for use.

Telephone: 1 (800) 561-7849
Mailing address: Financial CUET // P.O. BOX 3030 // Regina, SK S4P 3G8 //

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