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Affinity Credit Union Low fee Gold master card

Affinity Credit Union Low fee Gold master card is the perfect card for people who want to increase their insurance coverage, and are willing to negotiate some advantages of a standard MasterCard to save an annual fee.

Affinity Credit Union low fee Gold MasterCard allows people to be economical while ensuring that they are protected by the privileges and services offered through the MasterCard Gold membership program. Those interested can request an online card, following the guide below.Affinity Credit Union Low fee Gold master card
Your request will be sent to CUETS Financial. Before sign up, carefully read CUETS ‘privacy policy to see how your personal information will be used.

Features of Affinity Credit Union Low fee Gold Master Card

The Annual fee is 35 USD
You receive your 3.99% sign up Bonus APR on Balance transfer for 10 months (APR may change)
Cash Advance APR is 19.49% (APR may change)
Cash advance in Canada $ 2.00 $ 3.50 outside of Canada ATM cash advances, $ 4.00 and $ 4.85 in Canada out of Canada for cash advances across the counter
Late payment Fee: In the case of a minimum deferred payment more than once during 12 consecutive billing cycles, the standard rates that apply to your account will be increased by 5%.
Purchases APR 19.49 ( APR may change)


To apply you must meet the following requirements :

Live in Canada and have a Canadian credit rating.
Have most of your age in your province or territory.
Have no bankruptcy record in the last 7 years and have no actually late payments

How to Apply for Affinity Credit Union Low fee Gold Master Card

Step 1: Go to the website. And you will see a list of available credit cards. Go through the cards until you see a low fee Gold MasterCard Gold credit card and click on the Apply now link.

Step 2: When asked to specify the credit union that is linked to your application. click Yes and enter the “Affinity Credit Union” into the blank space. Click on Continue button and you will be redirected to the application form.
Step 3: On this page, under the information box, there is a small box that needs to be checked to let CUETS know that you agree to the terms and Conditions for privacy, electronically.
Step 4: Enter all relevant personal details :
Step 5: You just have to give Your date of birth and mother’s maiden name.
Step 6- Continue, by providing employment details.
Step 7: You can add a legitimate user to your account. At this junction, it is possible to carry out a balance transfer to consolidate the previous balances on one invoice or insurance to protect the transfer of the purchase balance. Click on Continue to continue.
Step 8: Read the overview of the general terms and conditions for this credit card carefully. To know under which conditions your card works. Then, check the box below the text box to get approval.
Step 9 – click on submit to send your application to CUETS to confirm.
How to LoginGo to login field seen in the website. In the Login column, enter your username and click Sign in. Then input your password and click on Submit. If your credentials were provided correctly, you will be guaranteed access to your online account should be
If you forgot your password, you can reset it with the forgotten password? link next to the password access box. On the next page, give your date of birth and mother’s Maiden name, then click Send. You will be able to reset your password in this step is complete by following the instructions on the next page.

Activation / Registration

If you have not yet activated your Affinity Credit Union Low fee Gold master card, contact a customer service representative with numbers above.  He/she can help you with this process. After activation, click the Secured Registration link to initiate the registration process. This link will take you to the CUETS web portal, where you will see the Click New User / Register now, click on this link to continue.
Some basic information is needed here. Start by entering your card number and then click on Submit. CUETS will then ask you to provide basic personal information and create your security credentials and login credentials.


Telephone: 1 (800) 561-7849
Mailing Address: CUETS Financial // P.O. BOX 3030 // Regina, SK // S4P 3G8

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