Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard Login | How to Apply

,Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard

Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard is ideal for people who need to maintain an annual fee of $ 0 for their credit card, but want to get the same rewards points that someone who pays $ 100 annual fee would earn. Unlike other cards, the Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard gives you all the benefits of an elite level card without the extra cost.Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard

Features of Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard Login | How to Apply

You earn 1 point for every 2 dollars spent on eligible purchases at no extra cost.
The Card requires an annual fee of $ 0
You receive you a signup bonus of 3.99% in APR on balance transfers for 10 months
The cash advance fee on the ATM cards are $ 2.00 in Canada and $ 3.50 outside Canada, and cash advances are $ 4.00 in Canada and $ 4.85 outside of Canada on over the counter cash advances.
The APR Cash Advance and APR purchases are 19.99% but can be changed.
The late Payment fees apply if the delayed minimum payment occurs more than once during the 12 consecutive billing cycles, by 5% compared to the standard rate that applies to your account.

Requirements of Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard

It is expected that the following requirements for the application of this card will be met:
You live in Canada and has a Canadian credit record
You have reached the age of majority in your province or territory.
You have not had a documented bankruptcy in the last 7 years and you are not late in payments.

How to Apply for Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard

Step 1: Click on this link: for access to the online application page. Scroll through the list of available cards until you find this particular card. Then on Click Apply now.
Step 2: Select “YES” in the Credit Union Heading to indicate your membership Union and enter “AFFINITY CREDIT UNION” in the empty field. Click on Continue.
Step 3: Continue by ticking a small box under “Information” and agree to the terms of this credit card electronically.
Step 4: Enter your information in each available field. This includes personal information such as date of birth, mother’s mother’s name and work status.
Step 5: You can now add a legitimate user to your account or do a balance transfer if you want else and you can skip it if you wish. Then Click on Continue.
Step 6: view the general terms and conditions that apply to this card. Check the box under the condition window to agree with the conditions.
Finally, click on Continue at the bottom of the page to send your application and wait until the CUETS confirm the status of your card request.

Login to Affinity Credit Union No Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard account

To access the CUETS online account, click on the following link: This will take you to the Login menu. Then Enter your username. Click on Login to go to the next page. Then Enter your password.
Click the Send button to access your account online.


If you want to recover your forgotten password?
Click on the forgotten password? Link next to the login field.
Then provide all necessary information, including the name of the mother and the date of birth.
Click on Send.
You will receive instructions that you must follow in order to recover your password.


To activate the new card, simply Call the phone number 1 (800) 561-7849 and follow the instructions by phone.
After you have enabled the card, sign up for your online bank account at CUETS.
To sign up, click on this link: and go to the application page. Click on the “New User/Enrol Now” link. Next, Enter your card number and Click on Send. On the next page, fill in your personal information and security information.
Choose username and password for your account to configure your login details.
After entering the required information and completing the registration process, your account is active, you have access to it.

TELEPHONE: 1 (800) 561-784

MAILING ADDRESS: CUETS Financial // P.O. BOX 3030 // Regina, SK // S4P 3G8