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Air Force Federal Credit Union Credit Card is a credit card with a competitive monthly interest rate and offers one of the lowest rates on every card on the market. Although this card offers many advantages, the card is not available to the general public. Air Force Federal Credit Union Credit CardThe Federal Air Force Credit Union credit card is the ideal card for those employed by the US Department of Defense and has recently withdrawn from the Department of Defense or is associated with someone employed by Department of Defense. However, there are strict card requirements, but if you are someone who meets the requirements that qualifies you as eligible, you can benefit from the incredibly low-interest rates and low rates.

Features of Air Force Federal Credit Union Credit Card

The Air Force Federal Credit Union Credit Card as no annual costs.

You do not take responsibility for dishonest shopping because every $ 1 you spend, you earn points that are redeemable as gift vouchers and other benefits, extremely low-interest rates and lower commissions than almost all other banks.

The APR on cash advance and APR on purchases are respectively from 7.75% to 14.75% after opening the account, this is based on your creditworthiness. Your APR will, therefore, vary depending on the market on the basis of the main interest.

The cash advance fee to the ATM is $2 or 2%. However, the late payment fee is $ 37 per event.


You can only request this card if you meet all the requirements as indicated through this link:

How to Apply for Air Force Federal Credit Union Credit Card

After you have checked whether you meet the eligibility criteria, the application process begins.
You can fill in the printed application, print the application form, fill it in and fax it to 210-673-5102 or go on with the usual online application process.

Go to the Credit Union credit card website to access the online app.
Enter the correct e-mail address, confirm the e-mail address, create a password for the internet account and confirm it in the appropriate fields.
Click on “Start my application” to continue.
Accept the disclosure of certain personal information. Read the conditions and click on “Yes” next to the “Permission for electronic communication” section at the bottom of the page. Click “Next” in order to continue.
Click on ‘apply for credit card’ to continue.
Choose whether you want to apply for a Platinum or Platinum visa.
Enter your personal details and contact details in the appropriate fields.
Enter information about the driving license and contact address in the appropriate fields.
Click on the box at the top of the screen to indicate whether you are an Air Force Credit Union employee.
Enter employment information and data about your monthly income in the appropriate fields. Click “Next” to continue.
Provide information about your personal reference in the appropriate field.
Click on ‘Next’ to complete the request process.
You have completed the process for requesting maps. Check the status of the application (approval or refusal) by accessing your online account using the email address and password in the next two weeks.


As a cardholder, if you have activated your card, you can then log in to manage your online credit card account. To login Go to the Credit Union Air Force credit card website.
Enter the e-mail address and password in your account.
After logging in, you can view previous statements, check out outstanding balances, manage contact details, and make payments for outstanding amounts.


To activate your new card, get your card using the information on the card to fill the activation form. Then log in, when you log in you can then activate your card through the activation link seen to complete the activation process.

Telephone: 1-800-227-5328

Mailing Address: 1560 Cable Ranch Road Suite 200 San Antonio, TX 78245 Route Transit Number: 314085504

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