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Albina Community Bank Credit card

The Albina Commune credit card is a credit option that specifically focuses on helping non-profit organizations using Albina Community Bank services. This card is ideal for people living near Portland, or for a philanthropic good as a percentage of the cardholder’s annual purchases are donated to a non-profit organization of your choice.Apple Bank Visa Business Secured Credit Card

The Features of Albina Community Bank Credit card

The Albina Community Bank Credit card as an APR in cash of 11.99% ( This APR is subject to change) and APR is 11.99% (The APR can be changed). The is no annual fee or 60 USD using the Albina ScoreCard option. The deposit is 4% of the amount for cash withdrawal or a minimum fee of USD 5. However, the surcharge for late payment usually attracts a maximum of USD 25.


You can only use this credit card if you meet the requirements below:
You should be 18 years old or over, live in the United States of America and have a valid SSN tax code.

How to Apply for Albina Community Bank Credit card

To begin the application. You must have a Printer, 3 blank pieces of legal-sized paper, a fax machine or a legal sized envelope and the right postage to be able to send the application to Portland.

To begin, click on this link below to access the card information page with a short description of the card.

Select the link (click here) for the VISA LOOP credit card application, which is located in the middle of the page. This link provides a PDF application to be printed before you continue.
Now you have the application in your hands.
Start by choosing one of the boxes at the top of the application to indicate whether you are applying for one account or a shared account.
Immediately below that, you give your signature and signature of the joint applicant (if available).
Specify the type of card you want to choose by selecting one of the two boxes next to the Request credit card option.
Enter the desired amount (card limit).
Albina sends some of your purchases to the local cause you choose to support. Therefore, ensure you first determine the cause by selecting one of the available options.
Enter your required personal details, such as your name, date of birth, tax code or SSN.
Enter your monthly income information as demanded.

If you want to add a co-applicant to your account and provide the personal information of the person.

Next in the financial statements segment, Enter the total amount in your Check, Savings, Real Estate and other asset accounts and who owns the budget title.
Enter the total amount of debt for the loan in (i) of real estate, bank cards, installment loans and other loans.
Finally, enter the payment amount for each of your debts.
Then enter your signature and signature of the other applicant (if present), as well as the signed data.
If you want to transfer your balance to consolidate previous balances on one invoice, you can do so by entering a different account number and amount (up to two accounts can be consolidated).
Enter your signature below and make sure you have a copy of the last statement with your application.
After providing all your personal information, please take the time and read the terms and conditions of this card to ensure that you agree with the rates mentioned in the document.
Send or fax your request to the head office of the nearest office in Albina Community Bank location. Addresses and fax numbers for these locations are available at the bottom of the application form.
Approval or rejection of the application will be forwarded to the address stated in the application. If after two weeks you have not received approval or rejected the application, please contact the branch office where you have registered.

How to login

Click on this link: to access the online card management webpage.
Enter your username and click Log in.
Select Yes or No to indicate whether your device is private or not.
Click to sign up for your account.

Forgotten details?
If you do not remember your username, click Forgot Username? Link found under the access field.
Enter your credit card number on the next page
Click on Start Forgot Username.
Follow the instructions to restore your username.


To activate the bank card of the Community Bank Albina, call 1 (800) 299-9842 and a customer service representative will guide on what to do.
After activating your card, it is now ready for use. Next is to register for your online account. To do so Click on this link: to start the registration process for an online bank account.
Enter your credit card number on the registration webpage.
Click on Start Registration after entering.
The following pages are given to your account and password for your account.
After completing the registration process your online account is ready for you.

Telephone: 1 (800) 299-9842
MAILING ADDRESS: 2002 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. // Portland, OR // 97212

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