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Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card

Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card offers the same reasonable annual interest rate as most other credit cards offered by Amalgamated Bank, but unlike some other premium options, there is no annual fee.Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card

The money rewards program is simple compared to other reward programs; Instead of choosing how you get the points, you automatically receive the earned points. To request the Amalgamated Bank American Express credit card, follow the instructions to complete the steps in the online registration process.

Features of Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card

With this credit card, the reward program offers the following benefits:

3% cashback when buying gas, 2% cash back when shopping in supermarkets and 1% cashback for all other purchases.

As a bonus, new cardholders receive a first annual interest rate of 0% for the first 6 payment cycles and a cash bonus of $ 25 after the first purchase.

How to login

To get started, you must find the way to the EFS login page. You can do this by filling in your personal ID in the indicated field. Then go to the window and click on Continue to go the next step.
After that, enter your password and click Login. If your credentials have been entered correctly, you will have access to your online account.

Forgotten details

If you have forgotten your personal ID, go to the first login page and click on Forgot your personal ID? Link. Enter the needed information on the identity recovery page before you click Submit.
By following the instructions on the following pages you will regain access to your account.

If you have forgotten your password, go to the second sign-in window and click Forgot your password? Link. On the Verify ID page, you must enter all of the information required.

After you have entered the information above, click the Submit button to complete the identity verification process, save the new password, and access the account again.


To be eligible for this credit card, the following requirements must be met:
Users must be at least 18 years old, Have their correct American address, and

Have a valid SSN number.

How to Apply for  Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card

Step 1 – To start the application, you must find the way to the credit card page of Amalgamated Bank. There you scroll down until you find the American Express Cash Rewards card and click the ‘Apply now’ link under the title.
Step 2 – In the application form, you will first be asked to enter your information in the appropriate fields provided.
Step 3 – In the accommodation information, all the necessary information must be provided at the place where it is indicated.
Step 4 – In order to give the card issuer a better picture of the current financial situation, it is necessary to provide the following information in the section Information on income and employment.
Step 5 – Existing Amalgamated Bank customers are asked to tick the Yes option next to each account type and each loan they have with the bank.
Step 6 – At this moment there are options to make transfers from existing credit card accounts and to add new cards so that one or more people can access the account. To use one of these functions, select Yes next to each option you want to apply and enter the required information before proceeding.
Step 7 – Finally, read the terms and conditions of the Amalgamated Bank American Express Cash Rewards to ensure that you understand the agreement you sign if your application is accepted. If you agree with the terms of this credit card and wish to submit an application, select the “I accept the terms and condition” checkbox and click the Submit button to conclude the application.
If you have completed all previous steps, your request will be checked by EFS.


To activate the Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card at Amalgamated Bank, call: 1 (800) 558-3424 and follow the phone’s instructions in the activation process. After you have activated your credit card, you can register via EFS for online banking. Click the Secure registration link above to access the registration page. Enter all required information in the empty fields on the registration page:

This login information is used when you want to log in to your account. You can then enter your e-mail address to receive special offers and information about the new credit card.
After completing all these steps, click the Submit button to complete the registration process.

Congratulations on completing your online account registration with EFS! You are now completely in charge of the management of your finances through your credit card whenever you want.