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Amalgamated Bank of Chicago SMART Union Bank Card is a good card designed for members of the Smart Union who intend to get a credit card. This credit card offers exceptional interest at the lowest rates available. in addition to this, the card also come with reward programs which are redeemable for gifts cards, statement credit, airfare and much more.Amalgamated Bank Secured Visa Card

Features of the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago SMART Union Bank Card

The Amalgamated Bank of Chicago SMART Union Bank Card offers a sign-up bonus of 0% APR for a period of 12 months after purchase, so you can earn 10,000 points after $ 1,000 in the first 90 days.
The card comes with no An annual fee
This card gives you the chance to get 1 point for every $ 1 that you spend.
The APR on purchases is 9.5% of purchases, as APR can change.
The cash advance APR is 14.50%.
The Cash Advances fee in cash are 3% of each down payment, at least a minimum of $5.
The late payment fee is $ 35.

Requirements for Amalgamated Bank of Chicago SMART Union Bank Card

Candidates must meet these requirements to be eligible for this credit card.
You are above the age of 18.
You have a valid SSN number
You live in the United States
You are a member of SMART

Application Procedures for Amalgamated Bank of Chicago SMART Union Bank Card

Step 1- Go to the SMARTcard portal of the Chicago Amalgamated Bank card, select the S.M.A.R.T Union Bank card application from the three options available and then click on continue.
Step 2- A short summary of some features of this credit card is displayed, click on “Contact Information” to continue.
Step 3- Enter all required personal information such as name, phone number, address, house status, etc. Continue by clicking the Confirm your identity button.
Step 4- Send your social security number and your date of birth. Click on Employment and income to continue.
Step 5 – Enter your total annual income and enter any other income you get. Select Authorized user information to continue.
Step 6 – Click Yes or No to indicate whether you want to add an authorized user to your account and then send authorized user details. If the answer is “yes”. Select and provide the necessary information to continue. Then click on trade union to continue
Step 7 – Provide your trade union group, local chapter, the local telephone number of the Union and the date on which you became a member. Then click on “Disclosure and Submit” to continue.
Step 8 – View the terms and conditions of the ABOC agreement for this credit card. Under the conditions, send your initials into the correct field and ensure that you can receive the privacy policy by e-mail. Enter your signature and date at the end of the page to complete the application. Click Send to ABOC to forward the card request to them.

Activation / Registration of the card

Please contact customer service with this number (312) 822-3000 to activate your credit card before you can use it. Then click on the link “Secure registration” to register your card. Enter your credit card number on the next page and click on “Start registration” to continue. On the following pages, you must set up your account by providing some personal information and choosing a username and password.

The Login Process

Log in to manage a personalized online account on the SMART Union Bank portal at the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago. Enter your username and then click Sign in to continue.
NOTE: ABOC may deny you access to your account if the navigation gadget is not recognized. To do this, you must reply to one of the security questions and then select Yes or No to indicate whether your banking device is private or not. Click Continue and enter the password on the next page. This gives you access to your online bank account.
Restore your ID
If you have forgotten your login details, click on Forgot Username? Link. Enter your credit card number on the next page and click “Start forgotten username” to continue. Follow the instructions on the following pages to restore your login information.

Telephone: 1 (800) 365-6464
Mailing address:: 30 N. LaSalle // Chicago, IL // 60602

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