Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCard Online Login | How to Apply

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCard

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCard offers more than one cards option, which is the standard card and the standard Plus. This card offers bonus points on purchases made.
The ABOC Standard MasterCard account is evaluated and managed via an external website Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCardThis also allows cardholders to pay bills, transfer money, download e-statements and perform other financial transactions on their system.

Features of Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCard

The annual MasterCard commission of the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard is $ 0 for Standard and $ 37 for Standard Plus.

The Cash advance APR for the standard card – 16.25% while Standard Plus card – 13%.

Cash Advance payment of 3% for each advance of at least $ 5.

Purchases APR: standard card – 11.25% with Standard Plus card – 8%. And the late payment surcharge is up to $ 35. Know that the APR is subject to change.

The requirements

It is necessary to meet these conditions in order to be admitted to the application:
You are at least 18 years old.
You have a valid social security number in the United States.
You have a valid US address.

How to Apply For Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCard

1- Go to the official website of Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard MasterCard. Select the card you have chosen either the MasterCard Standard or MasterCard Standard Plus Click on “Your contact details” to continue.
2- Enter your personal details: name, telephone number, address and more.
3- Enter housing details, Select either Own, rent or any other option to identify your living status. Send your monthly payment and click on “Confirm your identity”.
4- Here you confirm your identity by entering your social security number and your date of birth. Then enter the link “Employment and income” for the progress.
5- Specify your employment status using the drop-down menu. Enter your total annual income and any other income that you receive. click on “Authorized user information” to continue.
6- Select Yes if you want to add an authorized user to your account and No if this is not the case. Provide personal information If the answer is Yes and then submit.
7- Send your initials, mark the box to indicate that you agree to receive the privacy principles electronically and review the ABOC terms and conditions for this credit card. After accepting the conditions, click on the “Submit” button to have your application assessed by ABOC.

How to Login.

Go to the ABOC official portal, enter your username and click Log in. Give answers to one of your security questions. Identify your control device, whether you are private or not. Click Continue to access your account.

Forgotten Details

To restore your forgotten username, simply click Forgot Username? and enter the credit card number. Click “Forgot Username” to continue and follow the instructions on the following pages.

How to Activate the card
To activate this credit card, call 1 (312) 822-3000, contact a customer service representative to guide you through the process. Next Click on the Secure registration link to enter the credit card number. Select the “Start registration” menu, enter your personal details and create your login details.

Telephone: 1 (800) 365-6464
Mailing address: 30 N. LaSalle // Chicago, IL // 60602

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