Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card Online Application

Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card
Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card are good credit options that are designed for a class of people. To enjoy the rewards program of 1.25 points per dollar (or 1.5 points per dollar for the PLUS option), you will have to use your card for most of your purchases. This can be expensive if you do not have a good credit score. The Visa Bonus Rewards option has no yearly fees and Bonus PLUS has a yearly fee of $ 50.

 The Visa Bonus Rewards have a cash bonus of $ 25 on your first purchase and the Visa Bonus Rewards Plus has a $ 50 cash bonus on your first purchase. Also, it has no introduced APR for the first 6 invoicing cycles from the date of opening the account.

Features of  the Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card

You receive 1 point for every $ 1 spent, and you receive a 25% bonus every month for all points earned in that particular month.
This card has no annual fee and
the first purchase gives you $25 when using the Amalgamated Bank visa bonus rewards card.
Also, the Bonus Rewards Plus card gives you the benefit of getting 1 point for $1 spent and every month you get a bonus of 50% for all points earned in that month. Your first purchase gives you $50 and you pay an annual fee of $50. Though, both Bonus Reward and Bonus Reward Plus cards have no introductory APR in the first 6 months cycles.
The card has a cash advance APR of 24.49% (APR may change) and APR on purchases are 12.49% to 23.49% (APR may change)
The fee for cash advance is 4% of the amount for each down payment or $ 10, whichever is higher, and
late payment attracts a fee up to $ 37.


These are conditions for those who wish to use this card:
They must be at least 18 years old Have the correct American address
Have a valid SSN number

How to Apply for Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card

Click on the link below to access the Amalgamated Bank credit card page: Scroll through until you see the heading “All Purpose Rewards ” Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link below the card on which you want to apply.
Complete the application form by entering the required information in the fields provided in the Personal details section as Full name, Date of birth.
Supply information about accommodation in the specified fields.
Enter information about income and employment, such as work status, employer, profession
If you are already a customer of an Amalgamated bank, select Yes next to each account and indicate every service you have with them.
To transfer an existing card balance from the credit card to a new account, select Yes in the Balance transfers area and enter the required information.
To add an authorized user, select Yes next to the options you want to add and provide the necessary information before continuing. Please read the terms and conditions for the use of the credit card that you request, if you accept these conditions, click the box specifying I agree with terms and conditions. Click on Submit to send the application request. You can then wait for response

How to Login

Click on the link below to get started: Find the login window. Provide your personal ID at the specified location Click ‘Continue’ to continue. Enter your password Click Login to log in to your online account.

IF YOU FORGOT YOUR PERSONAL ID, search and click Forget personal ID? link in the login window.

On the recovery page, enter the necessary information, as your credit card number, security code. Click on Send. In the following steps, you can recover the forgotten ID and gain access to your account.

Activation for Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card

To activate the card, call the number 1(800)558-3424 and a customer service representative can help you activate your card. After activating the card, you can register for online banking. To register, click the link:

Enter the required information on the registration page. Create your personal ID and password. If you want to get special offers and information about a new credit card, enter your e-mail address when it’s appropriate. Click the Submit button to complete the registration.

The new Amalgamated Bank Visa Bonus Rewards/Rewards Plus Card has been activated and registered for online banking.

TELEPHONE: 1 (888) 295-5540

MAILING ADDRESS: First Bankcard // C/O First National Bank of Omaha // P.O. Box 2340 // Omaha, NE 68103