Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card Login | How to Apply

Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card

The Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card given by Elan Financial Services has a rich cash rewards program that allows you to easily collect cash rewards for every purchase made. These bonus or rewards include 3% cashback for office supplies, telephone and Internet purchases, 2% cash back in restaurants and purchases of gas and 1% on all other purchases.Amalgamated Bank Cash Rewards American Express Card

Features of Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card

The Amalgamated Bank Visa Business credit card has no annual costs.

With this credit card, you get a 3% reimbursement for office supplies, telephone and Internet purchases, a 2% restaurant refund and gas purchase and a 1% discount on other purchases. Also, after the first purchase, you will receive $ 25 in cash and no introductory interest rate for the first 6 invoices.

The cash advance APR is 24.49% (APRl may change), while the APR for purchase is between 12.49% and 23.49% (APR may change ).

The Cash Advance fee is 4% of the amount of each payment or $10, whichever is higher. However,

Late payment fee is a maximum of $39.


To use this credit card, you must:
First be 18 years or older
Enter the correct US address
Supply a valid social security number
Provide a valid tax identification number.

How to Apply for Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card

Go to the Amalgamated Bank credit card page using this link then locate the Amalgamated Bank Visa Business credit card.
Click on the Apply Now link.
Enter the necessary details in the company details section, such as company name, company tax ID, years of business initiated, company telephone number, annual gross income, legal structure, etc.
If you want to access cash or not select Yes or No, so you have easy access to checks and advances.
If you have existing accounts in Amalgamated Bank prove it by selecting the Yes option next to each type of account and providing the requested information.
Then, if necessary, provide the following information about the business owner.
Provide an alternative postal address and annual income information.
There are three options available at the moment. Select Yes or No to answer all the following questions and provide the necessary information:
If you want to perform balance transfer?
If you would want to add additional beneficiaries? (must have a minimum share of 25% in the company)
If you want to add other employee cards?
Also, read and accept the general terms and conditions, check the box indicating that this is the case.
Click the Submit button
Your application for the Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card has been sent, wait for confirmation

How To Login

Start by Clicking on the link below:
Provide your personal ID and click on Continue to proceed to the next step.
Supply the password in the empty space and click Login.
Now you will be logged in to your online bank account.
If you’ve forgotten your personal ID, click forget personal ID error? Link on the first login page.
Enter the following information in the blank fields:
Click Submit and follow the instructions below to recover your forgotten ID.
If you forgot your Login details, reset it by clicking on Forgot your password? link.
On the Identity Verification page, you can reset your password by entering the required information, including creating a new password. You can then Click on Submit to register the new password in your account.


If your Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card has not been activated yet, you can do so by calling the toll free number above.
When the activation process is completed, you can register to get online access to the accounts offered by the ESF.
To register, click on the Secure Registration link:
Provide the required information in the empty fields. Then create and enter a personal ID and password to use when you want to access your account. Supply your e-mail address when this is indicated if you want to receive special offers and information about your new credit card. Click on Send.
Your Amalgamated Bank Visa Business Cash Card is activated and registered for online banking.

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