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Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card

The Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card is just a fair card. There is no reward program attached to this card and the benefits are quite small. A special fact about this credit card is the potentially low annual APR at 10.49% and no introduction APR.Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card When your credit rating is not very good, APR can be applied to the account in the amount of 24.49% (APR may change). So, you have to know your credit score before applying for this card, because 21.49% is not a good desirable rate. There is no initial APR for the first 12 months after opening the account and for purchases and balance transfers.

Features of Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card

This credit card has no annual costs

The Card has a 0% APR for the first 12 payment cycles for purchases and balance transfers.

The cash advance APR is  24.49% (APR may changed) and

The APR for purchases is 10.49% to 21.49% (APR may changed).

The Cash advance fee of $ 5 or 3%, depending on whichever is larger, $ 10 or 4% for cash advances and cash advances on ATM with $2 or r 4% for progress cash equivalent advances

The late payment attracts fee  up to $37


Before you request this card,the following requirements must be met.
You must be over 18 years of age
You must have a valid US address
You must have a valid social security number

How To Apply for Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card

Click the link below to start the registration process:
Scroll through the list of credit cards until you see the Amalgamated Bank Visa platinum credit card. Click Apply now.
Enter personal details and personal details if necessary;
Supply your work status ,employer, employment and annual income in the Income and Employment Information section.
The ESF then requests information about the existing accounts with Amalgamated Bank. Click YES next to each open account you have and provide the necessary information.

At this point you can make a bank transfer, add a co-user to your account.
To transfer your balance, select YES in the Balance Transfer section and enter the amount of the transfer. If you would like someone else to use your credit card account with you, select YES next to the general candidate? and enter the information of this person.
To add an authorized user to your account, but retain full control of your credit card account, select YES next to Add additional user? To continue, you must enter the required user information.

Finally read the regulations. You can accept by selecting the I agree to the terms of the contract check box.
Click SEND to submit the review request.
You have successfully used the Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum credit card.

How to Login

Click on this link to access your EFS online bank account Find the LOGIN field and enter your personal ID in the right place.
Click on the CONTINUE button to go to the next step.
Enter your password in the appropriate field and click on LOGIN.
You will see the main page of your online bank account and you can perform all necessary banking activities.when your login details are correctly supplied

If you have forgotten your PERSONAL ID, click on Forgot your personal ID? the link which is located in the login field on the login page of the EFS account.
Enter the information needed to restore the ID.
Click on SEND and on the following pages you will receive further instructions for completing the ID recovery process.
If you FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD, click on Forgot your password? link under the LOG IN button in the password part of the login process.
You must create a new password to return to your account. Enter the required information and the credit card number in the indicated fields, Create a new password and click on SEND.
With your personal ID and password you will be able to regain access to your online account.


To activate your credit card, call the number 1(800)558-3424 to perform the card activation. Then you will have to enroll for an EFS online banking account. To register click the Secure Registration聽link
Enter the following information Credit card account number Security code,last 4 digits of Social Security number and Zip code
Then create a Personal ID and Password for your account.
Add an Email Address if you wish to be contacted by EFS about account information and special offers. Click on SUBMIT.
Now, you are good to go with your Amalgamated Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card.

TELEPHONE: 1 (800) 558-3424

MAILING ADDRESS: Cardmember Service // P.O. Box 790408 // St. Louis, MO // 63179-0408

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