American express blue credit card Online Login | How to Apply

American express blue credit card.

American Express Blue Credit Card has a reward program and average interest rate. Also like most other rewards cards, the American Express Blue Card allows users to get points on their purchases. For every $1 spent on eligible purchases, 1 point will be awarded to the user.American Express Blue for Business Credit Card

Apart from the rewards program, this card is fairly ordinary and what’s found through this offer can be found in nearly all other rewards credit cards on the market today. Those interested in applying for the American Express Blue Card should look below to our official guide and application process.

Before applying, take a look at the American Express privacy policy to see how this reputable company is handling your information with respect and is enlisting the proper security measures to protect your data.

Features of American express blue credit card.

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases
No signup Bonus 
No Annual Fee

Cash Advance APR 25.74% (APR may change)

Cash Advance Fee $5 or 3% of the amount of each transaction, whichever is greater

Late Payment Fee Up to $38
Purchases APR 15.74%, 18.74%, or 20.74%, based on your creditworthiness (APR is subject to change).


It is important to ensure that you meet the following requirements: before the application

Be at least 18 years old

Have a U.S. Social Security Number

Be a resident of the United States of America

How to Apply

Step 1- A summary page has been set up for this card, which details some of the features behind the card. To secure form, select the Apply Now link found on the summary page and wait for a response.

Step 2- Supply your personal information.

Step 3- Supply the last few pieces of your required personal information
Click Continue after the information has been supplied into the appropriate blank spaces.

Step 4- Read the review of the terms and conditions for this credit card, to ensure that you understand exactly what you are applying for.

Lastly, click the Agree & Submit Application link to finish the application process.

You should receive a response and a decision from American Express in seconds.

How to Login

To log into your credit card online account, visit the American Express homepage and supply your User ID and Password in the blank spaces. You can save your login credentials for future logins by clicking the box next to Remember Me. Lastly, click login to gain entry to your online account

If you forgot your login credentials, click the Forgot User ID or Password? link located below the login fields. On the following page, enter the 15-digit number in your card as well as your 4-digit card ID. Click Continue to move to the next step which enables you to recover your user ID or update a forgotten password.


To activate your card so that it can be used to make purchases or so that it can be registered for online banking. Call the customer service representative with this number 1 (800) 528-4800, and follow his/her instructions to activate your credit card.

You may also activate your card online by visiting this webpage and by supplying your 4-digit Security Code and Card Account Number in the blank fields.

Click Continue after your card information has been supplied and you will be taken to the next step in the process. Follow the instructions your card should be activated in no time.

With your card activated, you can now register for online banking. Begin the registration process by clicking the Secure registration link located at the beginning of this segment. Provide the 15-Digit number in Card and 4-Digit Card ID in the blank spaces found on the registration webpage. With your card information supplied, click Continue to proceed to the next step. The next pages will supply some basic personal data before setting up your login credentials to finish the registration process.
With the above steps completed, your online account with American Express Blue credit card should be active and you can begin banking online from your home computer, tablet or mobile device.

1 (800) 528-4800

Mailing Address
American Express // P.O. Box 981540 // El Paso, TX // 79998-1540.