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AMSA Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card

The American Medical Association Student (AMSA) BankAmericard Cash Visa Credit card signature is an excellent credit card with an excellent cash reward program. This card is useful for AMSA on every purchase.AMSA Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card The cash bonus received by users is automatically recovered by a statement credit or a deposit into Bank of America banking account if sufficient points are earned.  It has an online banking portal with which users can access their accounts, view statement history, updates their personal details and customer profiles and manages their account.  Use our concise guide below to; apply, login and activate your card.

Features of AMSA Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.

  • Gives 3% reward on gas (on the first $2,500 used per quarter), 2% supermarkets and wholesalers reward (on the first $2,500 used per quarter) and 1% reward on other purchases.
  • Has no introductory bonus for the first 12 billing cycles after account opening. But offers $100 returns, when you use at least $500, in the first 90 days.
  • It has no annual fees.
  • A cash advance APR of 16.49 to % 25.49 (APR may change).
  • Also, a cash advance fee of 10 or 3% for every transaction, which is the highest.
  • Has a late payment fee of up to $37.
  • And a Purchase APR of 13.49% to 23.49% (APR may change).

Requirement for AMSA Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.

To qualify for this card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • A valid SSN number is a must.
  • You must be a resident in one of the accepted US state or territories.

How to Apply for AMSA Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.

Step 1: Go to the cards application page. Then, scroll until you see the option Apply Now and click on the “Continue” button, to continue.
Step 2: Give you personal information in the blank fields.
Step 3: Also, give other personal details to ensure that you are qualified for this card.
Step 4: If employed, choose employed and submit the required information. But when you are a student, choose the student and give the necessary information in the fields.
Step 5: Give your total annual turnover and select revenue reduction before continuing.
Step 6: To carry out balance transfers, check your transfer balance and indicate the number of balance transfer to be done. For every balance transfer, choose your card institution from the displayed menu and give your account number and balance. If through, go to the last step and click on Continue.
Step 7 – You should see a brief summary of the information you have added to this point. Review you details and make sure the data is correct. Or, click on ‘Edit and make corrections. Dont forget to read and accept the terms of this card by using the small box at the button of the page. Therefore, click on Send request.
After sending your application, expect approval from Bank of America within one week.

How to login AMSA Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card page.

To login to your online bank account,

  • visit the Bank of America login page.
  • In the login page, give your online identity and password.
  • After entering your login details, click on login to access your account.

If you forgot your password or online ID, just reset or get a forgotten user ID or password by using the login help option in the login page.

Select Options that match your situation in the list of available suggestion.

Also, give your full credit card number, SSN or TIN and based on which login detail you want to recover either password or line code.

After you have given the requested information, click on “Continue” button and follow the steps to update your account and make your account more accessible.

This credit card can be activated in two ways. You can activate your card online by calling this number:  1 (800) 276-9939. To register your account for online banking with the Bank of America.

To sign for online banking services, click on secure registration of on top of the activation number in the login page. On the account registration page, give your card number or account number and social security number or tax identification in the into the required spaces.

Therefore, click on Continue to complete the registration on the following pages.

Telephone: 1 (800) 732-9194
Mailing Address: Bank of America // PO Box 982234 // El Paso, TX 79998-2234