Apple Bank American Express Cash Back Credit Card

Apple Bank American Express Cash Back Credit Card is one out of the many available AMEX cards. The card user can get cash every time they spend money and there is no annual fee, but the interest rate is 19.24%, which means that you can not save much money at the end (APR may change). This credit Card gives a simple 1.5% cash rewards program for all purchases that are automatically activated every time you earn $ 25 in cash reward. The user of this card receives a small bonus of $ 50, which is given when the user spends $ 500 in the first three billing cycles.

Features of the Apple Bank American Express Cash Back Credit Card

This credit card has no annual fee.
With this credit card, you earn 1.5% on purchases and receive a $ 50 loan after $ 500 purchases in the first three billing cycles.
The Cash Advance APR is 25.74% (APR may change), while
the APR for purchases is 19.49% (APR may change).
The cash advance fee s $ 15 or 5%, depending on which is the largest.
The fee for late payment is up to $37.


Before you request this card,  the following requirements must be met:

You must be over 18 years of age

You must have a valid US address

You must have a valid social security number

How to Apply for Apple Bank American Express Cash Back Credit Card

Go to the Apple Bank credit card page on the First BankCard Credit registration website:
Look for the Apple Bank American Express Cash Back Credit Card from the credit card list, then Click on Apply now.

Fill in the application form, starting with personal details, like your name, address, date of birth, social security number, mother’s maiden name.

Provide information about your home and employment.
You can now transfer your balance or add another user to your account. Both sections are optional, so skip them if you want.

If you want to transfer your balance, click the link in the Transfer Balance section and enter the required information.
To add an authorized user, enter their first and last name of the person.

Read and accept the terms and conditions before you continue. Click on Continue.
With these steps properly followed, your application is complete. You can then Wait for the approval of your application.

How to Login

After logging in, users can check their credit card account and make changes, make transfers, set up account notifications and perform other activities. All you need for proper management of your credit card can be found on the First Bankcard internet portal, so you never have to go to a Bank if you do not want to.
To access, click on this link:

Find the log-in field on the left side of the page. Supply your user ID on the login field and Click Login. Next Enter your password, then Click on Send.

If you cannot remember your User ID/Password, click the Forgot ID Password link below the box where you enter your ID.

Enter your full name and user ID if you have forgotten your password or you can enter an e-mail address if you are trying to restore your user ID.

Click on SEND and on the next page you will receive further information and guidelines about recovering forgotten data and then access to your online account again.


Activating the American Bank American Express Cash Back credit card will make it more effectively to the user. To activate the Card Call the number 1(888)295-5540 to activate and then follow the instructions given by the customer service representative who will assist you in the activation process.
Now you can set up an online bank account with First Bankcard. To start the registration process, click the Safe Registration link below:
Enter all required information and Click Continue
On the following pages you can create an ID and password for the new account and take the necessary steps to complete the registration.

TELEPHONE: 1 (888) 295-5540
MAILING ADDRESS: Bankcard Payment Processing //P.O. Box 2557//Omaha, NE // 68103-2557