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Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card

The Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card is a good card and anyone interested is probably looking for a good credit. Users with this card can benefit from the normal advantages of a Visa credit card without having to worry about having a bad credit.

With this Credit Card, you can apply for your own credit limit by making a down payment (between $ 300 and $ 5000) in a checking, or savings account that acts as a secure network for your credit card account.Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card When you miss a payment or can not make a payment for whatever reason, the payment will be made from your secured deposit once it has been approved for the card. You may be able to get back the deposit if you pay on time as long as your credit score improves. Users are able to get an increase in their credit limit increase without having to do a new deposit.

This card has an annual fee of $ 19, an interest rate of 20.24% that is not very competitive (APR may change) and you will find many other secured credit cards that offer lower APRs, although some of them are delivered with a higher annual fee. The benefits of lower interest rates, however, outweigh the disadvantages of an annual fee.

Features of Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card

This Credit Card has an annual fee of $ 19. No reward program is attached to this card.
Cash advance fee is 25.49% (APR may be changed) and purchases APR are 20.24% (APR may be changed). Late payment fee of $ 15 or 5%, depending on what is the largest.


The following requirements must be met before requesting this credit card:
You must be at least 18 years old
Have a valid US address
You must have a valid social security number
An applicant will provide a security deposit of $ 300 to $ 5000

How to Apply for Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card

To apply, visit theApple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card First Bankcard Apple Bank credit card page via
Find the Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card and click Apply Now.
Provide your personal details in the fields suitable for it :
Then enter the information about your current home, including Years at address, Residential status, and Monthly housing payment.
Provide information about your current financial situation including current employer, business telephone number, total annual income.
Now you can choose to add an authorized user to the account. If interested, enter the full name of the person in the blank fields.
Then enter the information about the deposit, including the amount, the account type, the routing number and the account number.
When you have completed all the required sections, click Continue.
On the following pages, you will be able to read and agree to the terms and conditions before submitting your application form.
After it has been submitted for review, you can now wait for your approval.

How to Login

To log in, First Bankcard using the link below:
Search the login box and type your user ID.
Click on log in to continue to the next step.
Enter your password in the empty field and click LOG IN.
Your ID and password give you access to your online account, provided both login details are entered correctly.
If you eventually FORGET YOUR ID OR PASSWORD, click on the link with the ID/password label in the login box on the first bank card homepage.
Then enter your full name and your user ID or e-mail address.
Enter your user ID if you have forgotten your password and, alternatively, enter your e-mail address if you try to restore your user ID.
Once you have entered the necessary information, click SEND and follow the instructions on the following pages to retrieve your forgotten data and restore your online bank account.


Your new Apple Bank Visa Secured Credit Card is quite ineffective prior to activation. Call the number 1(888)295-5540, to activate.
Sign up now for an online bank account with First Bankcard. Click on the secure registration link:
Then enter all required pieces of information:
Once this form has been completed, click on CONTINUE.
The following pages will guide you through the rest of the enrollment process, including creating a user ID and password for your account.

TELEPHONE: 1 (888) 295-5540
MAILING ADDRESS: Bankcard Payment Processing // P.O. Box 2557 // Omaha, NE // 68103-2557

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