Arvest Gold Credit Card | How to Login | How to Apply

The Arvest Gold Credit Card
The Arvest Gold Credit Card is a one the best cards offered by Arvest. This Gold Card has no annual fee and has a much lower annual rate of about 15.90% compared to 19.90% charged on other cards.

This card is great for anyone with a strong credit rating because the card has low-interest rates and additional travel benefits. These additional benefits make your travels cheaper to make.Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card Cardholders also receive a car insurance at no extra cost, world travels, emergency medical services and automatic travel accident insurance at $ 300,000. The Gold Card also offers a Flex Rewards program that allows users to earn 1 point for every $ 1 spent while using the card. These points may be redeemed for a credit or saved for use in the next flight trip, hotel stays, car rental or cruise.

Features of Arvest Gold Credit Card

As a new user, you also have a signup bonus of 4.9% on APR of all purchase, cash advance and balance transfers for the first 6 months of registration

$ 20 is charged for late payment fees


To apply you have to:
Be at least 18 years old
Have the valid SSN issued in the US
Have a valid US mailing address

How to Apply for Arvest Gold Credit Card

Step 1 – Go to the card summary page on the card via illustrating the benefits of every Arvest credit card. Under the Gold Card title, select the Apply Now link to go to the online Application form.

Step 2 – Use the drop-down menu to let Arvest know what community you are living in. Then click on Continue.
Step 3 – On this page fill all the areas marked with an asterisk with your personal data requested.

Step 4 – Enter the necessary housing details requested.

Step 5 – Next provide the complete employment and financial information requested.

We recommend that all candidates read the terms and conditions before submitting the application. After reading the conditions, click Submit to send the application to Arvest for evaluation.

How to Login

To access Arvest bank accounts, go to the website at

And then enter your username and password in blank fields. Click Login after you enter your login data and you will have access to your online account.
Forgotten Login Details
Step 1 – If you can’t access your account, simply click on Forgot Username? link is in the login menu. On the next page, enter your account number, email address, card name, social security number, birth date and postal code.
Step 2 – Next, follow the instructions to get your username back.
Forgot Password
If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot the password? Blocked account? link which is found in the login menu. On the next page, enter your username and password and then click Next. Follow the instructions in steps 2 and 3 to get a temporary password that allows you to log in to your account online.


To activate your Arvest gold credit card, call 1 (866) 952-9523 for a customer service representative who helps you to activate the cards. Then click on the link to the secure registration to start the online registration process. Some personal information are required. Provide the required information and click on Next. Create your username and your password to conclude the online registration.

Telephone: 1 (866) 952-9523
Mailing Address: Arvest Bank // PO Box 799 // Lowell, AR // 72745