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The Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa credit card

The Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa credit card is a low-priced credit card. The Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa credit card comes with very advantageous and competitive interest rates and also gives cardholders some introductory advantages.

Features of Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa Credit Card

A $ 25 credit bonus is issued after the first purchase (in the first 3 billing cycles). Cardholders should get $ 0 introductory APR for the first year on balance transfer and a 3% introductory balance fees is applied on this offer the first year.

The card comes with no annual fees

The Purchase APR is between 10.24% to 18.24% (APR can change)

The cash advance is $15 or 5% based on the one that is higher

The cash advance APR is 25.49% (APR can change)

The fees for late payment is $37

Application for Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa Credit Card

To use this card, you must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old

Must live in the United States

Applicants must have a valid SSN

How to Apply

Step 1 – Go to the Astoria Bank Credit card website in locate the Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa credit card and click on it. If you get a warning that you leaving the bank’s website and go to third parties, you can continue safely.

Step 2 – Enter the required personal information in the first part of the application

Step 3 – Enter your date of birth, social security number, and mother’s name for Bankcard to Identify your better.

Step 4 – Enter the number of years you live in the current house and select the option in the apartment section. Then enter the amount of monthly charge.

Step 5 – At this point, you’ll have to enter some financial information, including your current employer, company phone number (optional), and annual revenue. You may also have TO state the amount of money you have on your savings account, savings account, and investment account. This will allow the first bank card to better understand the current financial situation.

Step 6 – the last two parts of the application are optional. At this time, you can transfer and/or add a balance to your account with an authorized user. To make your balance transfer click on the “Balance Transfer button to transfer up to 3 balances. You must enter the creditor number, account number, amount and payment address. To add another cardholder to your account, enter his full name, in the appropriate section of the application. Once you’ve completed this step, click on Continue.

Step 7 – Finally, Read the terms and conditions. Then click the submit button. Your application will then be sent to the first bankcard for confirmation.

How to Login

To begin, click on this link to go to the Astoria Bank First Bankcard login page. Locate the login field on the left side of the page and enter your user ID in the place provided. Click on Sign in to continue. You will be redirected to the password section of the login process. Enter your password in the field that is displayed and click log in

If your user ID and password have been filled out accurately, you will gain access to your online bank account with First Bankcard.

Forgotten username/password

If you have forgotten your password or user ID, click the link forgot the ID/password found on the First Bankcard main login page. The first step in recovering forgotten login details is to give your first and last name along with your user ID or email address. If you forgot your user ID, enter your email address. And if you do not remember your password, you must enter your user ID. After providing this information, click on the SEND button and you will receive further instructions to recover the forgotten user ID or password on the following pages.

Activation / registration

The first thing to do after receiving your Astoria Bank Platinum Edition Visa credit card is to activate this card. This process is simple, just call the number 1 (888) 295-5540 and ask for help from the customer service representative. After completing the activation process, we suggest you subscribe to the First Bankcard online bank account. It is also simple. The first step is to click on the secure registration link After loading the page, click on ENROLL, and then click on the personal entry in the drop-down menu to continue.

The first Bankcard requires the certain information to verify your identity, provide all the required information to proceed.

After entering all the information, click on CONTINUE. You will need to create a user ID and password to complete the rest of the registration process on the following pages. After activating the card and setting up your account, you can start enjoying OnlineBanking.

Telephone: 1 (888) 295-5540

Mailing Address: First Bankcard // C/O First National Bank of Omaha // P.O. Box 2340 // Omaha, NE 68103

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