ASU Platinum Credit Card Online Application | How to Login

The ASU Platinum Credit Card

The ASU Platinum Credit Card a is issued by MidFirst in partnership with ASU. The ASU Platinum Credit Card is essentially created for schools. This Credit Card, Unlike other rewards credit cards, does not offer any bonus program, but it does come with a very low APR, which helps you to save more money.ASU Platinum Credit Card

Features of ASU Platinum Credit Card

The card is without an  Annual fee,
The card has a cash advance of APR of 24.99%  and a cash advance fee of 10 or 5%, whichever is the higher.
The Late payment fee for this card is up to $ 24.50.
In the first twelve months, the initial APR on Purchases is 0.00% then rises to 9.99% – 15.99%.

Requirements for the ASU Platinum Credit Card

If you want to apply for this card, you must:
Be at least 18 years old
Have the important US SSN
You have a valid US mailing address

How to Apply for ASU Platinum Credit Card

Go to the application page using this link Once on the page, begin to fill the forms available.
Step 1: Enter all your Personal Information in the specified area in the form. From your  Full name and surname, your  birth date, Email address, SSN, telephone number Postal code and then your Preferred credit card (select the ASU Platinum credit card)
Step 2: Verify your personal information by checking the entered information and then enter the next set of information required in the appropriate fields. Step 3: Check out the full Disclosure Policy for the ASU Platinum Credit card. If you agree to it select the option before completing the full application.

How to Login

Go to then Enter the personal ID and password for successful log-in on the next page.
Forgotten details
If you have forgotten your detail. Simply Call MidFirst Customer Support at 866.762.0492 to restore lost credentials.
Activation /Disclosure Familiarize yourself with the full ASU Platinum credit card policy. If you agree, choose the option to continue viewing the full application before uploading.


To activate the new card, call the MidFirst Customer Support at 866.762.0492. Once activated, you have to register your card online using MidFirst. Please follow the link to do so. Fill out the Online Banking Registration Forms with all relevant information.
Telephone: 866.762.0492
Mailing Address: MidFirst Plaza 501 NW Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73118