At&t Access Citi Credit Card | How to Apply | How to Login

AT&T Access Citi Credit Card
AT&T Access Citi Credit Card is a Credit Card designed for customers of AT & T who are looking for low premium card specifically geared toward shopping at the AT & T. The AT&T Access Citi Credit Card is a good credit option with a small APR for candidates with an excellent credit reputation and a reward program that rewards points for every purchase.AT&T Access Citi Credit Card If your card application is approved, you qualified to earn 10,000 bonus points after spending $1000 in the first three months after receiving the card

Features of AT&T Access Citi Credit Card

You get 2 points for every dollar you spend on travel or the sales website, 2 points per for every spent on products and services by AT & T and 1 point spent on every dollar spent on all other purchases. These points can be collected and exchanged for various gifts and merchandise.
The purchase APR is 14.49% and can be up to 23.49% (the APR may change).
The Cash advance APR is 25.74%
The cash advance fee for cash and $10 at 5% (APR may vary), whichever is greater.
Has a late payment fee of up to $ 35.
To apply for the AT & T Access Citi Credit Card please go through the following step.
All applicants must read Citi’s privacy policy before providing them with personal information.


All applicants must ensure that the following qualification requirements are met:

Be at least eighteen (18) years old

Have an important US SSN

You have a valid US address

How to Apply for AT&T Access Citi Credit Card

Step 1 – Visit the Citi website using the link on that page you will notice the credit card image on the right side of the page screen. Just select the Apply Now button below it and continue.

Step 2 – In the fields provided, Fill in all required personal information. Begin by entering your full name, address, and phone number.

Step 3 – If you want to be contacted by Citi on special offers and other notifications, enter your e-mail address. you can then use the drop-down menu at the bottom right to set your birthday.

Step 4 – Enter your social security number in the blank box displayed and select Yes or No if you want to are a US citizen. For security reasons, select Word security Help and enter the security word to use when you need to verify your identity.

Step 5 – Enter the total annual income, the monthly mortgage/rent and specify which type of account you own.

Step 6- Select “Yes” if you are a client with AT&T. If you would want to add another user to your account, Indicate so under Authorized User heading.

Step 7 – Electronic publishing means that you need to get important information from Citi electronically rather than by mail. To approve this publication, tick the box and accept.

Step 8 – View the terms and conditions of this credit card. Read the document carefully as it contains all the fees and charges you will receive after been approved for the card.

If you agree with the terms, go through the entire page again, then check the box below. You can conclude the application by clicking on the Submit button. Your Citi card will be checked by Citi and your confirmation will be sent soon.

How to Login

Visit the login page on the Citi Credit Card homepage at Go to this page and enter your username and password in the input fields. Click Sign in to access your online account.
forget your username/password?

If you forgot your login information may click on a forgotten username/password link under the registration fields. You will be asked to fill out different forms made available. Provide all the required info in the forms provided to confirm your identity and recover the lost data.

Activation/Registration for AT&T Access Citi Credit Card

Activating a AT&T Access Citi Credit Card is quite easy to do online. First, go to the online page and enter the card number in the field provided. Click on Continue and follow the instructions on the following pages to activate the card.

The card can also be activated via call by calling the phone number 1 (800) 950-5114 and following the instructions of the customer service representative. 
After activating the AT&T Access Citi Credit Card, you can use the link to access the page to create an online bank account.

Account registration is a four-step process.

Step 1 – Enter your credit card number. Click on Verify and continue

Step 2 – Create your login information.

Step 3 – Enter the required security information

Step 4 – Confirm the sent information. One these steps are followed correctly, your account will be registered online and can be used.

Telephone: 1 (800) 950-5114

Mailing address: Citibank Customer Service // P.O. Field 65006 5 0 0 // Sioux Falls, SD // 57117