Auswide Visa credit card Login Online | How to Apply

Auswide Visa credit card

Auswide Visa credit card

The Auswide Visa credit card is issued by Auswide Bank. It offers advantages and convenience for cardholders, which makes their card transactions valuable.

Features of the Auswide Visa credit card

  • Cardholders are given very low rates for purchases and cash advances
  • Cardholders who are less than 25years get a Low annual rate 
  • Provides cardholders up to 55 days free of interest for purchases
  • Auswide Visa Limit Credit Card starts at just $ 500
  • Auswide Visa credit card is accepted in millions of locations around the world
  • The Annual fee is $50 but $0 fee for those under 25
  • Purchase APR is 9.45%

How to Apply for Auswide Visa credit card


  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • He must be a permanent resident or a citizen in Australia
  • The applicant must meet the minimum income requirements for the card he/she chooses

How to Apply

  • Go over to the Auswide Secured Application Page
  • Enter all the necessary personal information
  • Enter and Complete the field on the working details
  • Also enter the existing financial situation, including details of revenue, expense, assets, and liabilities
  • Applicants can also register for the card via the mobile app, or do so in person at Auswide Bank or by phone at 1300 138 831.
  • Afterward You have to wait 3 weeks for your card to arrive.

How to Activate Auswide Bank Credit Card

  • To activate the newly acquired Auswide Visa credit card;
  • Simply go to the secure activation page of the Auswide Visa credit card
  • Enter the card number
  • Create your own personal message
  • Answer the security questions you can use in future online purchases
  • Then Create a password and a username

How to Login to Auswide Bank Credit Card

  • To sign in to Auswide credit card
  • Go to the login page
  • Enter your customer number
  • Enter the password
  • Tap the login button

How to recover your Auswide Bank credit card password

To recover your password, call Auswide Bank at 1300 138 831

Customer services for Auswide Bank credit card

Call: 1300 138 831