Bank of Hawaii Visa Credit Card Login | How to Apply

Bank of Hawaii Visa Credit Card

Bank of Hawaii Visa Credit Card

Bank of Hawaii Visa Credit Card Is a credit card offered by Bank of Hawaii which does not require a high credit score to obtain. You can request for the card so long as you are already an account holder with BoH and you are looking for an affordable rewards credit card.

Features Of Bank Of Hawaii Visa Credit Card

It requires low credit rating.
Has no Introductory APR for 18 months on balance transfers and purchases; after that up to 17.24% variable APR.
A Purchase APR of 15.24%
Cash Advance APR is 19.99% 24.99%
A Cash Advance Fees of 5% (min $10).
Has an annual fee of $79.
Get $120 worth rewards points every year.
You will get unlimited points that do not expire. When you spend a minimum of $250 on gas, $250 on cell phones and cable bills and $500 on groceries.
Also, you will get 10% annual year-end bonus on all point earned.
Users can redeem their points for any purchase made with the card.

The late payment fee is up to $25

The balance transfer fee is 4% or $ 10 min.

Requirements For Bank Of Hawaii Visa Credit Card.

To apply for the card, the following must be met;
You should be at least 18 years of age.
Be a resident in the U.S.
Have a valid Social Security Number .

How To Apply For Bank Of Hawaii Visa Credit Card.

Use the procedure below to apply for the card and also how to check your application status.
Step 1: To apply for this card, go to this Link. And click on ‘Apply Online’ under Bank of Hawaii Visa Signature Credit Card.
Step 2: Then, give some general information.
Step 3: Next, provide your ‘Employment and Financial Details’.
Step 4: Also, give your ‘Contact Information’, ‘Security Information’ and indicate if you want paperless statement i.e. online or if they want it through mail.
Step 5: Finally, review the ‘Terms and Condition’ of this card and click on ‘Apply’.

How To Check Credit Card Application Status.

Step 1: To check the application status, go to the login page and click on ‘Check the Status’ at the login section.
Step 2: Then, give your ‘Last Name’, Last 4 digits of Social Security Number ‘,’ Zip Code ‘and’ E-mail Address’. And click on ‘Check Status’.

How to Login

To Login to your online account, simply go to the BoH homepage where you will simply have to enter your e-Bankoh User ID and click Enter.

Next Enter your password and select Login in order to complete the login process.



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