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Barclaycard Credit Card

Barclaycard Credit Card

Barclaycard Credit Card is offered by Barclays Bank PLC which is a British international provider of banking and financial services that operates in more than 50 countries. The offer of services includes international investments, currency exchange. Savings and international mortgages. Based in London, United Kingdom, it was founded in November 1690 in the Kingdom of London and employs a total of 129.4 thousand. Employees for 2016. It is divided into four main areas of activity; Personal and corporate (personal banking, corporate banking, property management and investments), Barclaycard, investment banking and Africa.

Barclaycard Credit Cardbranches and ATMs

Barclays operates more than 4,750 branches in around 55 countries, with around 1,600 branches in the United Kingdom. It also offers some personal banking services through branches, and most branches have ATMs 24/7. Barclays customers and customers of many other banks use Barclays ATMs for free in the UK, although fees are charged inĀ  other countries. Thanks to membership in the Global ATM Alliance, an alliance of international banks, which allows customers of each bank to use an ATM or debit card in all other member banks, with the exception of charges for access to ATMs automatic during international travel.

Barclays Offers

Barclays offers the following credit cards to meet your needs

  • Barclaycard Platinum credit card with 40-month transfer
  • The Barclaycard Platinum with a 25-month purchase and balance transfer
  • Barclaycard Platinum credit card without a 25-month transfer fee
  • Travel credit card Barclaycard Platinum
  • Barclay lowers Platinum credit card rate
  • 18 month Barclaycard Platinum credit card to transfer your balance
  • Barclaycard Freedom Rewards credit card.

How to Apply for the

Barclaycard Credit Card

Before applying for Barclaycard, you must complete this qualification form to know how likely it is that you will be admitted.

Step1. Click “yes” if you already have a Barclaycard credit card and “no” if you do not have

  • Enter your title
  • Then Enter your name
  • Next, Enter your last name
  • Fill in your date of birth, date, month, year
  • And your employment status
  • Enter your annual income (before taxes)
  • And your email address
  • Do you have a current Barclays account, click yes or no as appropriate?
  • How do you intend to use the card? (answer the question)
  • Years at the current address
  • Number or name of the building
  • Zip code (Do not know your zip code?) Find the address
  • Resident status
  • Read and accepted the terms and conditions. You will immediately receive information about whether you qualify for the card or not, it can also be sent to the email address provided above.

Steps to Apply for Barclaycard Credit Card

There are 3 simple steps:

  • Choose the preferred card or card to which you are entitled
  • Provide the information you need
  • Get an immediate decision

Guide to Register for Barclaycard online service

Step 1. You can use any Barclaycard account if you have more than one enter your date of birth, enter your card number (the number on the front of the card), it will be 15 or 16 digits. Enter the card’s security code, expiration date and current credit limit (your current credit limit must match the credit limit of the last statement). If you recently received a Barclaycard, the credit limit can be found on the list you received from your card.

Step 2: Configure login details for security reasons, select details that are easy to remember but hard to guess.

  • Enter your username
  • Enter the password
  • Confirm Password
  • An unforgettable word
  • Confirm the memorable word
  • A reminder of a memorable word

Step 3: Enter the email address for account alerts after registering, it automatically switches to online account statements, about which you will be notified by email every month. Or you decide to take paper statements instead of “your settings”.

Step 4: Read and accept the terms and Conditions and click accordingly.