Barneys New York Credit Card Online Login | Apply Now | How to Activate the Card

Barneys New York Credit Card.

The Barneys New York Credit Card is a great card for those who purchase regularly at Barneys. Users receive special benefits and annual awards, with the exception of point earning credit card monthly fees. You can apply for either an individual or joint account. Use our concise guide below to apply, log in to the card account, pay the bill and activate the card.

Barneys New York Credit Card

Features of Barneys New York Credit Card.

  • Get an annual reward gift card based on what you spend using your Barney credit card. You receive points on any purchase made with this card. Receive free delivery and reward for online purchases.
  • Earn $50 credit, to be used for alteration, for each $ 500 spent with this credit card.
  • You get free wine cup at a participating restaurant. Take a special shopping day before sales and private shopping event in the store. Some shops have a free valet parking with a card.
  • Has no annual fee.
  • Has no cash advance APR.
  • Has no cash advance fee.
  • A late payment fee of up to $35.00.
  • And purchase APR of 23.99%.

Requirement Barneys New York Credit Card.
In order to apply for this card, the following must be met:

  • You are to be at least 18 years old.
  • You are to have a valid U.S social security number.
  • You are to have a photo ID issued by the government.

How to Apply for Barneys New York Credit Card.

Step 1: Visit the cards homepage and choose “Individual Request” or “Joint Request”.
Step 2: Give your personal details.
If you have given your personal details, click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page. Then, you will be taken to the next page where the special requirement will be given. Finally, click on “continue” located on the “results” page. You can now view the result of your now complete web request for the Barneys New York credit card.

How to Login to Barneys New York Credit Card page.

In order to log in, users are to give their username and password, in the empty field. If you forgot your username or password, you are to click on “Forgot Username”.

How to make Payment on Barneys New York Credit Card.

After registration, you can manage your accounts, check their balance, view previous reports, request additional cards and add additional users.

How to Activate your Barneys New York Credit Card.

To activate your Barney New York Credit Card, click on “Secure Activation” under the subtitle Activation or by click on “Login” located at the button on your home page.
Then, give your credit card account number, social security number, and Barneys New York postal code.
Then click on “Continue” and go to the next section to create your username and password and account security settings. Thanks!

Telephone: 1-800-926-5393
Mailing Address: Comenity Capital Bank PO Box 183003 Columbus OH, 43218-3003