BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card | Features | How to Login | How to Apply

BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

The BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card is a good card with a wonderful online portal that treats important information such as the privacy policy and terms and conditions, with care. Users can pay bills, activate the card, manage their card and log in to their online account, using the online portal. For interested individuals, use our short guide below to apply, activate and log in to your online account.

BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

Features of BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

  • You will be given 3% cash on every qualified net purchase in the first 90 days.
  • And 1% cash on all net qualified purchases.
  • Get an anniversary bonus of 5% on cash earned per year.
  • You also receive 30% additional cash bonus of $ 50,000 or more per year.
  • It has no introductory APR on purchases and balance transfer for the first 12 months.
  • Has no annual fee.
  • Has a cash advance APR of 22.15%. An APR which may vary depending on your prime rating.
  • Has a cash advance fee of 3% minimum on transaction greater than $10.
  • The late payment fee is up to $37.
  • A purchase APR between 10.15% and 19.15%. And APR which may vary depending on your prime rating.

The requirement for BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

To apply for this card you must meet the following requirement.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be a resident in the U.S.
  • It’s mandatory to have a social security number.

How to Apply for BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

Step 1: Go to the card application webpage.
Step 2: And, click on Apply Online web link below the BB&T Spectrum Rewards Card heading
Step 3: On the next page, indicate whether you are an existing BB & T user who is using the online banking service or not click on “Continue”.
Step 4: You are to give your personal details, on the other page.
Step 5: Now you are to indicate your employment status and annual income (before tax) and click on “Continue” to move to the next section.
Step 6: Also indicate if you wish to add additional authorized users and click Continue.
Step 7: Make sure the errors are changed by the information you entered and click on “Continue«.
Step 8: Don’t forget to read the terms of this card and agree to them by clicking on the check box. Finally, click on “Send Request” to complete the application process.

How to login to BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

  • You are to first go to the login homepage.
  • Then, give your User ID and click on Login.
  • Also, give your password on the next page and click on “Login” again.

If you forgot or misuse your password, to recover your login details call the help line of BB & T: 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654).

Activation of BBT Spectrum Rewards Credit Card

To activate your credit card, you must set up your account online. If you have not yet done so, you can use this number: 1-888-800-3420 to activate or by clicking on Secure activation link. If you will like to do so online, click on “Register Now” on the next page.
So, click on “Register Now button.
Click on BBT account number or the one that you think is the best option.
And give the following information:

On the next page, create a username and password and set up your security settings before the registration process can be finalized.
Finally, if you have issues doing any of the following, we advise you to go to contact BB & T. If you through with these process, you are a step closer to managing your BB & T Spectrum Reward credit card.

Telephone: 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228).