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Big Sandy superstore Credit card

Big Sandy superstore Credit card

The Big Sandy superstore Credit card is a credit card that is offered by the Synchrony Bank p. This card comes with great and special financing options for cardholders who are using the credit card. There are many flexible financial services that match your budget if you decide to use a Big Sandy Superstore credit card. The card also has an online platform with its application for credit cards very easy for the customer and card users.

However, Big Sandy Superstore does not charge an annual fee for using the card. This credit card is good for people with low credit rating and wants to build up their creditworthiness. So, regardless of whether you have high or low FICO scores, you can still apply for it.

Benefits/Features of the Big Sandy Superstore credit card

It offers special and good financing options for cardholders

It provides payment for services. 

You can Make payments gradually in a month because it matches your budget

It Provides More convenient payment options for card users

It helps cardholders to build their credit history and improve their credit score

No additional costs for these great services 

Provides a security option with your credit card up to $ 10,000

Fees and rates on the Big Sandy Superstore credit card

There are No annual fee

The APR rate is 99%

The card Offers a daily interest rate of 0.08216%

The minimum interest rate is 2 USD

The late payment fee $27 or $37

Cardholders pay $1.66 for each $100 for fees for canceling credit card debt monthly.

How to Apply for Big Sandy Superstore Credit card

You must follow the correct procedures before your card application can be approved. In addition, applicants must meet the requirements for a credit card application.

Carefully Read the terms and conditions of the credit card.

Go to the credit card’s homepage

Enter the necessary information, such as the original purchase amount, first name, middle name, social security number (SSN), e-mail address, e-mail confirmation, date of birth, accommodation data and monthly net income from all available sources.

Answer “Do you want a joint applicant?” By ticking “Yes” or “No”

Choose your desired delivery method

If you agree with the optional security registration status, check the appropriate box.

After answering all the questions, Click on the “Continue” tab and follow the subsequent instructions to conclude the application

How to Activate the Big Sandy Superstore credit card

After receiving the new card via mail, call the car sticker number. This will help you verify all the information you entered while using the card. And activates your credit card. You can also call the customer service on 1-866-396-82-54.

How to login to the Big Sandy Superstore credit card

Go to the Big Sandy Superstore credit card login page

Enter your user ID and password in the right place

Click the Log In tab and log in immediately.

Restore Your Forgotten Username or Password

To restore your User Name

Enter the number of your card

Enter your name if it is on the card

Enter your security code

Enter the last 4 digits of the SSN

Click “Verify” 

Reset password

Enter the credit card number

Enter your name and surname on the card

Enter the security code of the card

Enter the last 4 digits of the SSN of the card

Payment for Bills using Big Sandy Superstore credit card

Cardholders can pay bills in three different ways:

Auto-Pay Your Bill 

To make an automatic payment, you have to:

Log in to the home page and select the automatic payment, under the “Pay” button

Click “Register”

Accept the terms of using the Auto- pay

Read and send the automatic payment setting. You will receive a confirmation message in the automatic payment settings and confirmation number.

Bill Payment by Phone

Call 1-866-396-82-54 to make your bill payment, you have to provide your latest bill and bank account details.

Bill Payment by Mail

Payments can be sent by email to the following address:

Synchrony Bank P.O.Box 960061. Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Customer service number

The customer can contact the customer service agent by calling 1-866-396-82-54.