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BMO Credit Card

BMO Credit Card
The BMO credit card is offered by the Bank of Montreal. The card is a travel card that offers card holders a wide range of benefits from airline tickets, car rentals, hotel stays and many more. The BMO Cashback credit card does not charge an annual fee for using the card and has a simple application process.

BMO Credit Card Features

  • You receive 3 BMO bonus points on each dollar spent on travel, entertainment and food.
  • You receive 2 BMO bonus points on each dollar purchased elsewhere
  • Reward points can be exchanged for travel, gift cards, hotels and more
  • Card holders get 25% on car rental and other car accessories.
  • No Annual costs charged
  • No foreign transactions cost charged

How to Apply for a BMO credit card

To become a candidate and get approval for the credit card, you must do the following;

Go to the start page of the BMO Bank application

Review the credit card information provided

Click “Accept” to start the application process

Provide the following personal data; First name, first and last name, date of birth, social security number, home address of the search, home address, phone number, e-mail address, collector’s number of air miles, rent or own, rent / mortgage, here lived from

Then click the “Next” tab to continue using the application

Provide your financial and additional optional information

Click “Send” to complete the request process.

How to check the status of the BMO credit card application

Contact 1-866-889-0889 to view the status of the credit card application

How to Activate a BMO credit card

To activate your newly purchased credit card, simply call 1-800-361-3361

BMO Credit Card Login

  • Get access to your credit card on the credit card login page
  • Then enter the correct username and password
  • Click the “Log in” tab to log in

How to Recover a username or password

Click on the “I forgot my password” link on the credit card login page to recover your credit card account

Enter the required information, i.e. Your username and e-mail address

Finally, click the “Next” icon and log in to your account