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The Buffalo Bills Extra Points card


The Buffalo Bills Extra Points card is a good card If you like Buffalo Bills and are constantly shopping, both online and personally, NFL stores such as tickets and clothing, you might want to request Buffalo Bills extra score card. The application process is very simple. Personal and financial information can speed up the process.

Features of Buffalo Bills Extra Points card

This card, in particular, has an interesting reward point system.

  • Get 10000 bonus points (100 $) if you spend $ 500 in the first 90 days after opening your personal account.
  • You get to receive 2times points for NFL merchandise and all game tickets as well among other things.
  • You also receive 1 point per 1 dollar spent for regular purchases that are not NFL.
  • This card has attracts 15% discount as a registration bonus.
  • And by the way, there is no annual fee associated with this card.
  • For APR, the cash rate is 25.24%.
  • A deposit of 10 or 5% of each deposit amount of cash settlement depending on the option that is larger
  • The late payment costs can be $ 37.
  • APRs are based on your level in terms of your credit rating is 14.99%, 19.99% or 24.99%.

Buffalo Bills Extra Points card

How to Apply for Buffalo Bills Extra Points card

It is not complicated to use this card, its all-simple as you would later find out. If you have problems,

call 1-877-872-4762 and contact customer service representative who would readily respond to you.

Step 1: Go to the website, log in to the application page and start to fill out the required data.
Step 2: Fill in your business and financial information.
Step 3: Add a birthday, social security number, and mother name for security reasons. State if you want to receive electronic ads.
Step 4: Review the term and condition, and agree to the terms. Then press the “Agree” button.

How to Login

You get started with the Buffalo Bills Extra Points card just like most others by following the afore listed steps:
Step 1: Go to the main login page You can log in to your account on this link.
Step 2: Enter your username and password and click “Sign”.
Check the next word “Remember username” in the next box.


To safely activate the Buffalo Bills Extra Points card, simply click on the Activate button. Then start to fill out the required information. This includes personal information and information about online account information. Then press the “Continue” button to end the activation process.

For any further inquiries, kindly contact: 1-866-421-8004
Postal Address: 900 Metro Center Blvd in Foster City, California.
Postal Code: 94404.