Cabela Visa Club credit card Features | How to Login | How to Apply

The Cabela Visa Club Credit Card.

Cabela Visa Club Credit Card

The Cabela Visa Club credit card is a great choice for anyone who is a loyal Cabela customer. This Premium Credit Card does not have a yearly annual fee but comes with reasonable interest rate of 9.99% – 21.77% APR. This is a great interest for credit cards at the consumer level, and those who can benefit from the income can earn more than most card holders.

The Cabela Club Card offers good revenue to ordinary buyers and is a great option for many who are looking for a low APR credit card.

Features of Cabela Visa Club Credit Card

As a consumer, you can earn 2% on purchasing from Cabela and Cenex stores

Also get a discount of 1% on other purchases.

You are also eligible for the $ 20 registration bonus after getting approval for the card

and also $ 10 after the first five purchases.

Annual fee is at $ 0.

The Cash Advance fee is $ 10 or 4% depends on a bigger value.

Late payment fees are up to $ 37

Purchase APR for Cabeli is 9 99% – 21.77%, based on credit ratings.


In order to process successful applications, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Be a resident of the United States.

You must be at least 18 years of age.

Have A SSN validation number.

How to Apply for Cabela Visa Club Credit Card

Step 1: To apply, go to the application page and scroll down until you see a picture of the card. Click on Apply now to access the online application form.

Step 2 – The blank fields visible on the page must be filled in with the personal details. Start by entering the following: Full name and last name, Address, Phone, Email Address.

Step 3: Use the drop-down menu to indicate your date of birth and enter your Social Security Number, Family Name, Employer’s Employment, and Total Annual Income.

Step 4: Determine your housing situation and tell the bank if you have a current account. You can also use this option to balance balances to consolidate an existing balance in an account.

Step 5 – Scroll down and you will see the terms of this Premium Credit Card. Read through the terms and conditions, if you agree with the box selection criteria in the Conditions box to accept. To conclude the application, click on submit.

How to Login.

To access your online account, visit the website and go to the login menu. There you enter your username and password in the box on the left. Then click on “Continue” to log in to your online account.

Forgot Password.

If you forget your password, you can request for a reset by selecting the link, forgot the password, and enter the following information: Username, Date of birth, Social Security number (last 4 digits), Card number (last 4 digits). When you are sure that the information entered are correct, click on the Send button.

Follow the instructions on the next page to recover the password. In the same vein.

You can recover the forgotten user name by clicking the Forgot Username link (in the login menu) and enter the following information: Email Address Verify Email Address, Account Number (last 4 digits) Click on Submit to go to the next page and follow the instructions to get your username.


This card can be activated by calling (800) 850-8402 to contact Customer Service Representative who will guide you through the process. You can activate your new Cards by signing up to get online accounts.

Telephone number: 1 (800) 850-8402

E-mail Address:

Mailing Address: 4800 NW 1st St # 300 // Lincoln, NE / 68521.