Caribbean Education Foundation Credit Card Login | How to Apply | Activation

The Caribbean Education Foundation Credit Card.

The Caribbean Education Foundation Credit Card is basically a charitable credit card. The Caribbean, although it is a tourist center for the global elite, is economically depressed and has a massive level of inequality of prosperity. To help the poorest part of the region, the Caribbean Education Foundation, in partnership with UMB Bank and Visa, offers a credit card that gives a small percentage of each purchase to the Foundation. If you are interested in supporting the fund during your daily expenses, you can request the credit card of the Caribbean Foundation. The application, which is operated by UMB Bank, is easy to complete.

Caribbean Education Foundation Credit Card

Features of Caribbean Education Foundation Credit Card

  • A small percentage of each purchase comes from the Caribbean Foundation for Education. UMB donates $ 50 to the Caribbean Foundation for Education after its first purchase.
  • The annual fee is $ 0.
  • The cash advance has an APR of 24.99%.
  • The cash advance fee is 3%. $ 15- $ 50 years.
  • The card has a late payment fee of up to USD 35 per purchase,
  • the annual percentage rate of 13.99% to 17.99%


Before you start applying, read the UMB Bank credit card requirements to make sure you qualify to apply.

  • You have to ensure you are at least 18 years old or above.
  • Live in the United States (with a valid address)
  • Then you have to have a valid social security number.

How to Login

Step 1: Go to the UMB home page and look for the Login tab.
Step 2: Enter the user ID in the space provided and click Next. Then enter your password before accessing your online account.
If you forgot your login, click on forgot your username? and it will be directed to a recovery page. Select your account type and enter the card number, the last five digits of your social security number, month / year of your card and zip code of your account status before clicking on the Confirm account button.

How to Apply forĀ  Caribbean Education Foundation Credit Card

To access the secure page of the application, you must first go to this page, select the design of the map you want and follow the Apply now link.
Step 1: To begin the application process, you must first send the requested personal information to the UMB Bank.

Step 2 – Complete the basic financial information that is required in order to create a financial profile for your UMB. You must evaluate your credit score to determine if your card application will be approved and, if necessary, to determine which APR qualifies.

Step 3- Authorized users (optional) To add an authorized user, simply enter your name, date of birth and relationship with you.

Step 4: Take the time to read the terms and conditions of the credit card before completing and submitting your application. Make sure all the information you enter is true and up-to-date.


To activate the Caribbean Education Foundation credit card, you have two options to directly call UMB at 1 800-860-4862 or to use your online activation page by clicking on the “Enable security” link that is displayed. If you use the online method, you must click on the online registration link on the next page.

Then you will have to select your account type and enter your card number, the last five digits of your social security number, the month/year of your expiration card and the zip code of your bank account before donating Click on ” Account Confirmation. ” The following pages will ask you to review the information, create a user ID and set your security preferences before completing the activation process.

Telephone: 1 800-860-4862

Mailing Address: 1010 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri 64106