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Carnival World MasterCard

Carnival World MasterCard from Carnival cruise lines is a fair card issued by Barclaycard and MasterCard. The card comes Funpoints rewards you earn to use for your future cruise vacation.

It aksi offers good promotional offer of up to 5,000 free Funpoints on the first purchase and transfer of the balance on the credit card.

Rewards of Carnival World MasterCard

  • Carnival World MasterCard offers 10,000 “fun points” after mskjbg your first purchase with the card; It is enough to exchange for a loan of up to 100 USD for the next purchase of a cruise at the carnival and the main cruise lines in the world.
  • You receive2 “fun points” for $ 1 spent on all purchases of Carnival cruises, including purchases onboard Sail & Sign®
  • Get 1 “gun tip” for $ 1 spent on purchases elsewhere
  • There is No annual fee required with this card
  • This credit card offers chip card technology that makes the most secure purchases in chip terminals in the United States and abroad.
  • Carnival World MasterCard Reward Redemption
  • Entertainment points obtained with a Carnival credit card can be exchanged for free cruises, meals on board, drinks, and cocktails at the bar, souvenirs and products from the boat shops, spa services such as massages and skin treatments, and even trip off the coast. Special experiences on board. Examples of some experiments aboard a ship start with champagne and chocolates at 6,190 Function Points, 7,200 FunPoints per bathrobe, 12,500 FunPoints for $ 100 on board loans (OBC) or $ 20,000 FunPoints for $ 200 in credits from spa (25,000 FunPoints for 200 USD OBC)).
  • At the highest level, passengers can also exchange them for a refund of $ 1,250 or credit of 75,000 in the FunPoints Credit Points. You can also book excursions or canoe adventures with FunPoints interacting with guests after the start of the trip.