Carpet One Credit Card Features | Online Login | How to Apply

The Carpet One credit card is a card offered by Synchrony  Bank  to interested users. The Carpet one credit card users stand to gain lots of rewards in using this card. There’s no charge of annual fee for using this card. It is used by customers who often buy in Carpet One stores.

Carpet One credit card
The features of Carpet One credit card

  • It offers cardholders financial options and monthly payments.
  • Cardholders are informed of their account updates.
  • Cardholders can make up to 12 payments.
  • No annual fee
  • APR is 29.99%

How to Apply for a Carpet One credit card.

To apply for the Carpet One credit card, visit its official website, enter all the required information, and click Submit.

To get your new credit card approved, you must complete the following procedures:

Click on the terms and conditions of use of the credit card.

Enter all required information and submit.

How to Activate the Credit card

To activate the new card, simply call the  carpet one’s customer service with 1-866-396-8254

Carpet One credit card

How to Log into the Online Account

  • Login to the Carpet One credit card website
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click login to your account.

How to recover your credit card username and password

Simply enter the card number

How to make payments

  • Sign in to your credit card account
  • Select the payment tab
  • Choose the appropriate payment and pay the bill.

Customer service

To contact carpet one’s customer service: call 1-866-396-8254