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Carter Lumber DIY Credit Card

Carter Lumber Credit Card DIY Credit Card

The Carter Lumber DIY Credit Card provides for its cardholders the benefit and offers to make purchase and then 6 to 12 months to pay after making purchases to $ 350. This card can be a suitable option for Carter Wood customers or for those who make very large purchase. The card comes without annual fees and an APR of 19.47% which is quite high. You receive a 10% discount (maximum $ 50 discount), if you make purchases with Carter Lumber in the first 3 months after activating the credit card, this allows you to use the card to get a full and complete funding with the initial purchase of $ 350 or more that might be tempting for some to apply for a credit option.

Features of Carter Lumber DIY Credit Card

  • You will receive a 10% discount (maximum $ 50 discount), if you make purchases with Carter Lumber in the first 3 months after activating the credit card
  • This user credit card is usually rewarded with 6 months from eligible $ 350 eligible purchases. 10% incentive for first purchase in the first 3 months (maximum $ 50 savings)
  • No Annual fee
  • The Cash Advance APR of 19.49.
  • The Late payment of up to $ 37
  • Purchases APR is at 19.49%.


To use this credit card, you must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years
  • Live in the United States or Canada.
  • Then valid SSN.

How to Apply for Carter Lumber DIY Credit Card

Step 1: To get started, locate Carter Lumber DIY credit card page and click the Apply Green button to open the application.

Step 2: In the application form, scroll to the Personal data section. Enter the following information:

Names and Surnames SSN Date of Birth Annuity Revenue.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter the information listed below: City, state, postcode, e-mail, phone, phone number, other phone number.

Step 4: If you want to add another cardholder to your account, click on Yes in the authorized purchase extension. Then you must provide your full name and contact. When you’re done, click Continue to continue.

Step 5: Read and accept the terms and condition of the credit card. Before you submit your application, then click on the OK button, click the Send to conclude the application.

How to LoginCarter Lumber Credit Card DIY Credit Card

  • To get started, visit the Carter Lumber credit card page and locate the login menu
  • Enter your username and password in the empty box
  • Then click the login tab.

If your credentials have been entered correctly, you should see the homepage of your personal account.

Forgotten Login

  • If you forgot your username or password, you can access your account by selecting a username or password and click on the link below the login field.
  • You will have to provide the credit card or username, postcode / postcode, and SSN or SIN number on the sign-in page and Click on find My Account.
  • On the subsequent pages you can recover your forgotten username or change your password and access your account again.


The Carter Lumber DIY Credit Card be activated, call the activation number 1 (800) 995-9450 so the Comenity Service Representative agent will assist you in the activation. After activating the card, you can then register for an online account.

To register, click the active registration link and then enter the required information on the registration page. Then enter the following information in the Account section: username, password, e-mail address, mobile phone number.

Click on Create Account at the bottom of the page to complete the registration process.

When all things are checked, your card has now been activated and registered.


Telephone: 1 (800) 995-9450

Mailing Address: Comenity Bank / PO BOX 182273 // Columbus, OH // 43218-2273