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Citadel Rewards Credit Card

Citadel Rewards credit card

The Citadel Rewards credit card is issued by Citadel Bank. This is a back-end credit card that offers 1.5% cash for daily purchases, generous credit limits, increased security and increased protection.

With the card you can also deposit cash into your account, purchase at the Citadel Cash Rewards shopping center and also provides easy access to cash rewards on your Citadel savings or payment account. There is no annual fee or mortgage will be charged. Cardholders benefit from a 1.5% return on all purchases.

Discount coupons can easily be deposited directly into the verification or savings account in Citizenship Verification. It provides users a simple and convenient way to get cash via online banking and mobile banking. Get more money when shopping in the Cash Rewards Citadel shopping center. You can use the automatic updater to keep track of automated payment cards.

Benefits and features of Citadel rewards  credit card

  • There is a bonus offer to transfer your account to $ 300
  • The Citadel Rewards credit card is compatible with the entire Citadel portfolio of collection portfolios.
  • Cardholders benefit from a 1.5% return on all purchases.
  • It also provides generous credit limits
  • It propose to resolve identity theft
  • Take advantage of the extended warranty for selected purchases
  • Stay protected by Global Card Mastercard for lost or stolen cards
  • Buy with confidence, with price protection
  • Yearly fee is $ 0
  • Hop transfer rate is $ 0
  • Cash advance amount is set at (3% of the amount claimed, minimum $ 10, maximum $ 100)
  • External transaction: 1.1% of the transaction amount in US dollars
  • Late payment is $ 25
  • Returns is set at $ 25

How to Apply for Citadel Rewards Credit Card

To be a candidate for this card, the candidate must do the following;

  • Go to the Citadel application page
  • After opening the site you start the application by filling out the credit information section and filling in the re details.
  • Check this box to indicate that you are interested in protecting your loan when it is unexpected
  • Click on “Next” link to go to the “About the application” section.

Guide to Activate the card

To purchase a new Citadel Card for use, call 800 666-0191


How to recover your password / username


  • Go to the login page
  • Click on the “Help with connection” link
  • Tap on the “Forgot your password” link
  • Enter the login ID on the new page to which the redirection takes place
  • Tap the ‘Send’ link to reset your password.

User name

  • Go to the login page
  • Click on the “Help with connection” link
  • Click on the link “I can not remember my username”
  • Enter the account number, social security number and e-mail address
  • Click on the “Continue” link.

How to Make Payment

  • Log in to your CC account
  • Locate the payment button
  • Choose a convenient payment option and pay bills.

Customer Service Contact

Call: (800) 666-0191 for access to customer service.