Citgo Rewards Credit Card Login | How to Apply | Activation

Citgo Rewards credit card

Citgo Rewards Credit Card

Citgo Rewards Credit Card is a fair card with a fair reward program. If you are interested in a Citgo Rewards credit card, but you have problems in the application process, you can consider our using the simple user guide, which is available below.

Features of Citgo Rewards Credit Card

  • The card offers 5 cents a competitive price for every gallon of gas you buy at Citgo stations.
  • There is no annual fee associated with this card
  • The cash advance APR is 29.95%
  • The Cash Advance fee is 10 or 5%, whichever is the higher
  • The late fee may be up to $ 35
  • The annual percentage rate of purchase is 24.99%

Before you start your application, you must read Citgo’s privacy policy to ensure that you treat your personal information carefully.


Applicants must:

At least 18 years old

You have an important SSN in the US

You have a valid photo ID issued by the US government.

They have a valid postal address in the United States

How to Apply for Citgo Rewards Credit Card

Visit the home page via to access the Secure application link. When you’re there, scroll down and click the Apply Now link.

Step 1: You will be prompted to provide all the necessary personal information in the specified field.

Step 2: Provide the basic financial information needed for Citgo to be able to assess your creditworthiness and prepare a financial profile for your application. You must transfer your annual salary, other earnings, and monthly living expenses.

Step 3: At this time, you will be asked for the most confidential personal information, including date of birth, social security number, and relevant information about identifying photos of your choice.

Step 4: If you want to add an authorized user to your account, you can do so by entering your name. Keep in mind that as the primary account owner you are responsible for all the accounts and costs associated with your account.

Step 5: If you would like to subscribe to paper bills sent by e-mail, click the field in this section to register for e-invoicing.

Step 6: Check the uploads to make sure they are accurate and familiar with terms and conditions. Submit your request for review by Citgo.

How to Login

Go to the Citgo homepage via and then search for the link to the secure sign-in page. Click the link to go to the secured page.

On the sign-in page, enter your username and password. Assuming the information has been entered correctly, it will guide you to the user portal.

Forgotten Username/Password

If you can not remember your username or password, you can restore the information by clicking the Forgotten username or password button? After entering it, you must enter the card number, full name, 3-digit security code, and last 4 digits of the SSN so that you can restore the login data.


Activation of the Citgo Reward card is possible in two ways: online account registration and by telephone call (1-800-756-2484). If you decide to sign up online to activate your card, you need to go back to the main page using the link above and click the Sign-up link.

After clicking, you will be prompted to enter your card number, full name, 3-digit security code, and last 4-digit SSN and email address before you can change your account security settings and activate the card.

Telephone: 1-800-756-2484

Mailing Address: Cardmember Services P.O. Box 6401 Sioux Falls, SD 57117