Citibank Simplicity Credit Card

Citibank Simplicity Credit Card

Citibank Simplicity Credit Card is issued by Citibank. Citibank, founded at the beginning of the 19th century, is a consumer section of the Citigroup. Along with a wide range of financial services provided to its loyal customers, Citibank also offers a number of credit cards, one of which is the Citibank Simplicity credit card.

Citibank Simplicity Credit Card is designed for People who want to benefit from a perfect and easy-to-use credit card. Like all other Citibank credit card applications, the Citibank Simplicity credit card application uses an encryption to protect sensitive information.

Features of Citibank Simplicity Credit Card

  • 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers during the first 21 months. Then it becomes 12.99%, 15.99%, 18.99%, 20.99%, or 22.99%, based on your credit score.
  • No annual fee
  • The Cash Advance APR varies between 12.99%, 15.99%, 18.99%, 20.99%, or 22.99%,
  • The Cash Advance Fee is Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, based on the one that is greater.
  • No Late Payment Fee

How to Apply for Citibank Simplicity Credit Card

Citibank Simplicity Credit Card

Step 1: Go to the Secure Application Web Page of the Citigroup.

Step 2: Enter the required information into the appropriate fields:

Step 3: Click on the “Electronic Disclosure and click on the checkbox to confirm that you agree to get an electronic copy of the disclosure and the privacy notice.

Step 4: Review the Terms and conditions and then click the box at the bottom of the page, which means you have read and agreed to the terms.

Step 5: Review the information you’ve entered to make sure you have not made any mistakes.

Step 6: Click on the Send button at the bottom of the page to conclude the application.

When all steps are completed, you have completed the application process. Simply wait for approval.

Activating Citibank Simplicity Credit Card

STEP 1: Return to the login page as indicated above and click on ‘Activate tab’.

STEP 2: Completely Enter your card number and click on ‘Continue’.

STEP 3: Enter all the required information on the following page and follow the instructions to complete the activation of the Citibank Simplicity credit card.

How to Login

STEP 1: Go to the Citibank credit card login page.

STEP 2: Enter your username and password.

STEP 3: click on the Login tab.

Forgot your Citibank Simplicity username or password?

STEP 1: from the same login page, click on ‘Forgot your User ID / Password?’

STEP 2: Enter the necessary information

STEP 3: Click on ‘Continue’.

STEP 4: Select the identification method between the DOB, the SSN and the security word and click on Continue to recover the details.

STEP 3: Provide the following information: name, address, telephone, email, date of birth, social security number, security word, financial information, authorized user information and electronic access.

STEP 4: Accept the terms and conditions and click “Submit” to complete the application.


Telephone: 1-800-347-4934

Mailing Address: Citibank Customer Service P.O. Box 6500 Sioux Falls, SD 57117