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The Classic Industries Platinum Visa Rewards Credit Card.

Classic Industries Platinum Visa Rewards credit card

The Classic Industries Platinum Visa Rewards credit card is the perfect way to finance the upgrades or finishings you want to put in your classic car. With this card, cardholders can get a 15% discount on purchases made at the Classic Industries website. There is also a point-based reward system that allows cardholders to save even more.
If you’re wondering how you can apply for a Classic Industries Platinum visa, you’ve found the right article. Start by reviewing the Classic Industries privacy policy, and then start the application by reading below.

Remember that if you want to apply, you have to meet a number of requirements. In the case of the Classic Industries card, these include:

  • That you must be over 18 years old and beyond,
  • Lives in the USA,
  • Have a valid social security number

How to login to Classic Industries Platinum Visa Rewards credit card Page

If you want to log in on your Classic Industries card, you must visit the UMB homepage. In the login field in the upper left corner of the page. Enter your username and click “Next”.
You will be prompted for a password.
The next page is your personal account page. Here you can make payments for your transactions, view transaction history and customize your account settings.

How to Apply for Classic Industries Platinum Visa Rewards credit card

The application is made via the Classic Industries website.

Step 1: Go to the website.
Step 2: Scroll down to the place where “apply online”. Click this button.
Step 3: You can choose which of the five photos are on your card. Click one, and then click Apply now at the bottom of the page.
Step 4: In this step, you must provide all your requisite information.
Step 5: In the “Financial Information” section, ensure you enter all your employment information demanded of you.
Step 6: Carefully the Terms and conditions. Finally, click Send to conclude


If you do not yet have a user ID, it’s probably because you have not activated the card yet. Start by activating the card by clicking the “secure activation” option. Or call
First, choose your account type. In this case, it is a “Credit Card”. Then enter the required information:
When you are done, click “Verify your account”. You are now ready to use your online card.

001 714 847 6887.
18460 Gothard St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648-1229