Conestoga Visa Platinum Credit Card Login | How to Apply

The Conestoga Visa Platinum Credit Card

The Conestoga Visa Platinum credit card is a card is a card with all the additions and earnings of the Visa Platinum plan Рwith its regular relatively low value of APR, large credit lines and the like. Requesting this card is simple and the transfer of important data to Elan Financial Services (cards in progress) is very easy. For help, you can use the detailed guide below. 


  • There are no rewards
  • No sign-up bonus
  • No annual fee
  • Cash Advance APR for this card is 23.99% of the APR.
  • The cash advance fee for this card is 4% off or $ 10, the higher it is.
  • The late payment for this card is up to $ 38.
  • Purchase rates for this card are 0% APR in the first 12 months; then 9.99% to 20.99% depending on your credibility.


All candidates must:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • Make sure they have an SSN in the US
  • They must have have the US address.

How to Apply for Conestoga Visa Platinum credit card

Access the secure registration form through the card presentation page and select Apply now.
Step 1 – In the application, you must first enter the personal details needed to establish your identity
Step 2 – To continue with the app, enter the required accommodation information
Step 3 – Finally, enter the necessary information about your financial situation
Step 4 – EFS offers the option to add an extra account to your account at this time if you want to do so.
Step 5 – Read the General Terms and Conditions If you agree to the terms, check the box and then select Send to submit the request.

How to Login

First visit the ESF homepage. Secondly, enter your personal ID and respond to the identity shields on the next page. You must now be signed in to your account.

If you forget your login data and you have a problem connecting to your account, EFS has provided a system for this. Just click on the forgotten password and indicate you gsce gorgotten then and then follow the proceedure to restore them. Select the link that suits your case and fill in the shortcut to restoring the details.


Activation number: 800-558-3424

To activate this card, you must call the 800-558-3424 activation number. It is the only option available (many banks do not have an in-line feature). To create a new EFS account to manage the card, you must follow the registration link and fill in the requested forms sent by the EFS system. Once you’ve created an account, create login details, configure your preferences, and if necessary connect some devices that you can use to manage your card and you’re done.

Telephone: 800-558-3424

Mailing Address: Cardmember Service P.O. Box 790408 St. Louis, MO 63179-0408.