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Crutchfield credit card

Crutchfield credit card

The Crutchfield credit card is also called Sony Financial Services. The Crutchfield Credit Card offers special 12-month financing for its customers. Do not charge any interest rates on your account if the monthly payments are made in full within 12 months. Deals with electronic and audio devices. This credit card is usually made available by Synchrony Bank.

Features of Crutchfield credit card

It offers card users the ability to distribute their payments over a 12 month period

Cardholders receive a 12-month promotional loan on each purchase made with the Crutchfield credit card.

Users have the privilege of easily managing their online account.

Its annual purchases APR is 99%

Debit the payment interest due 23 days after the closing of each billing cycle

Their minimum interest is $ 2.00 and $38 when payment is delayed

How to Apply for a Crutchfield credit card

Go to the Synchrony Financial [US] homepage

Fill in the blanks with your personal data

Enter the necessary personal information:

includes a common applicant and choose a method of delivering the statements.

Read all the conditions of the debt cancellation agreement and check the “Continue” box.

Steps to check the status of your request

After the application, you can check the status of the request by calling 866-450-2330.

Activation of the Crutchfield Card

If you wish to activate your credit card, after acquiring it, call 866-450-5289.

Crutchfield credit card Login

Visit the Crutchfield credit card home page through the Synchrony Bank page on

Move to the right side of the page

Click on the “Your account” menu

In the Login section, enter your username and password in the blanks.

Tap the “Sign In” button to log in to your Crutchfield Credit Card Account.

How to recover lost Password.

To retrieve your lost ID or Password access to the Crutchfield page via Synchrony Bank and click on the “Search username” link.

On the next page, enter your account number, the last four digits of the tax code and the date of birth. ”

Then click on the “Continue” button and you can enter your username and restore yours details.

In case you have problems to sought out, call 1-866-570-1420.

How to cancel your Crutchfield credit card account

If you want to close the account, call the Customer Support Center at 1-866-570-1420.

Bill Payment with Crutchfield credit card

Log in to your account via my

Click on the “Access your account” button.

Enter your username and password, click on ”Secure login”, select the payment and press the credit card payment for your invoices.

You can also use automatic payment so that your payments are deducted from your bank account every month on the due date.