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David’s Bridal credit card

David's bridal credit card

David’s Bridal credit card is for brides who are going to buy their wedding dress. The David’s Bridal Credit Card gives brides a lot of confidence to buy wedding supplies, lingerie, headgear, clothing, wedding accessories, and dresses. It also provides a gift, decorations, and shoes for women getting married as well as their bridesmaid.

Customers can locate David’s wedding dress store in all 50 states and in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. The Davids Bridal Credit Card provides financial assistance to help the bride afford her wedding dresses. It is made available by Comenity Bank. Loyal buyers of bridal shops benefit from exclusive offers and rewards that have brought them back.

Features of David’Bridal credit card.

It offers cardholders a financial offer of 6 months

Provides quick entrance for new cardholders

It offers cardholders easy online management and payment of bills

The Purchase (APR) is 74%

It does not charge any annual cost of using the card.

Your late payment is $38.00

The minimum interest required is $2.00

Fees for Payment returned is $338.0

How to Apply for a David’s bridal credit card.

To apply, first go to the Comenity Bank web page

Go to the center of the web page

Press the “Apply Now” button

On the next page that appears, start the application process

Fill in our personal information that is required of you to fill in:

Include the details of the authorized the buyer, if desired and then

Press the “continue” button

Check application status

As noted above, any cardholder wishing to inquire about the status of their application can call the bank with the number 1-866-891-3458.

How to Activate the Davids Bridal Credit Card

To successfully activate the card, cardholders are expected to

Enter the credit card account number

Enter the expiration date

Your identification and your social security number

The last 4 digits of the VAT code

Enter the postal code

Then click on the “Continue” button

How to login to the David’s Bridal Credit Card

Go to the Comenity Bank Home Page at https://d.comenity.net
Enter your username and password

Press the “Login” button.

How you can recover your forgotten details

Go to the “Login” page

Click on Username / password forgotten

Provide all requested information

Enter your username

Fill in your postal code

Indicate your type of identification

Provide the last 4 digits of the SSN

Click on “Find my account”

How to pay a bill with David’s Bridal credit card

Access your credit card online

Choose the payment option in the dashboard

You can use the debit authorization. This will allow your bank and your card company to deduct the bill directly from your account.

Customer Service for David’s Bridal Credit Card

You can contact customer service at 1-866-891-3458. TDD / ATS – 1-888-819-1918