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Delight Platinum Credit Card

Delight Platinum credit card is a card offered by Kotak Bank. It is a card with the advantages and benefits that make cardholder transactions more profitable. The card offers entertainment, festive dinners, trips, etc. This credit card also offers unpaid cash, an additional tax, and many other benefits, all in one card.

It is specially designed for people with a high income or people with high equity to help them get the best out of their chances.

Features/Rewards of Delight Platinum  credit cards

  • Cardholders receive 10% cash back at the dining tables
  • It provides 10% cashback on films
  • There is a tax waiver for fuel
  • It also provides the exemption from rail tax
  • Receives 4 free tickets for PVR or Rs. 750 cashback after spending Rs. 1 255 000 every 6 months
  • Cardholders can use up to 8 free PVR tickets within 3 months after the end of the program
  • If your credit card is stolen, you will receive protection of Rs1, 25,000 against unfair use up to 7 days
  • Your expansion card uses all the benefits that you use on your credit card
  • You can access the spending limit on the expansion card as you wish
  • You can submit an application to be issued separately for each additional card.
  • The yearly fee is 299
  • Registration rights is 1999
  • Amount for extra costs is 299
  • Ceiling above the limit is 500
  • Check transfer costs is 500
  • Growth of foreign currencies is set at 5%
  • Costs for delay – Rs.100 for o / s instructions less or equal to Rs. 500. Rs. 500 for r / s Rs instructions. 500.01 to Rs. 10000. Rs. 700 for o / s instructions that are higher than Rs. 10000.

How to Apply for a Platinum Delight credit card

To request a Delight Platinum credit card and obtain approval, candidates must consider the following:

Application criteria

  • The cardholder must be between 18 and 70 years old
  • The holder of the support card must be older than 18 years
  • It requires a stable credit history
  • A deliberate lawyer must have a fixed income
  • The applicant must be a resident of India.

Apply Now

  • Go to the Kotak Mahindra Bank application page
  • On the website, enter full name, e-mail address, mobile phone number and place of residence.
  • Submit a link to start the registration process.
  • You can also apply offline by visiting the nearest branch of the bank Kotak Mahindra with the necessary documents and having a meeting with the bank’s representative. Fill out the application form and send the documents.

How to check the status of the Platinum Credit Card

  • Go to the Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card website at
  • In the “Browse products” section, click on cards> credit card services
  • Click it to be redirected to the “Check your card status” page
  • enter your reference number or request form number and click on the ‘Check status’ tab.
  • You can also call 1860-266-2666 or + 91-22-6600-6022 to check the status of the application.

How to Login with Delight Platinum Credit Card

To access your credit card

  • Choose on this link
  • Enter your CRN / customer ID or call sign on the website
  • Enter your password also
  • Tap the “Go directly to” button and select the desired option
  • Select “Secure login”

Customer service number

Call: 1860 266 2666