Deserve Edu Credit Card Rewards | Online Application

Deserve Edu Credit Card is a card designed for students. It seeks to offer students a fair credit using new metrics, like your major, your financial resources, and other factors that show your potential for success. Since it is designed to be a special credit for students, it is a great and friendly card to have as your first card in your portfolio. That is never a bad choice to make.

Deserve Edu Credit Card

The Deserve Edu Credit Card used to be known as Selfscore Achieve Mastercard that is issued by Celtic Bank.

International students can also apply for this card because no SSN or Credit History is required to sign up for this card. So for international students who can’t obtain SSN in a short time, this card is a great choice as a first credit card.

Note: You can apply for this card even when you have an SSN number.

Deserve Edu Credit Card Rates

  • Annual Fee is $0
  • Intro APR is 0% APR on purchases and balance transfer for 15 months
  • APR is 19.74% (Variable)
  • Foreign Transaction Fee is 0%
  • Rewards –is 1% Cash Back on all purchases


  • US Bank Account, Passport,
  • 1-20, Student Visa
  • Initial Limit– Up to $5,000

Deserve Edu Credit Card Rewards

  • Cardholders will be reimbursed by Deserve the cost of their Amazon Prime Student ($49.99 value) for one year.
  • Users earn 1% cash back on all purchases
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Has No annual fee
  • Have No prior credit history is needed
  • No SSN required
  • No security deposit

Deserve Edu Credit Card Requirements

This is a foreigner friendly credit card: F1, M1, J1 visa holders are eligible to apply.

If you are not a green card holder nor a US Citizen, you’ll need to provide the necessary info and documents to apply. like
University and major
An electronic copy of your passport and US Visa
An electronic copy of your Form 1-20 / Form DS-2019
Bank account information or the latest US bank statements (For newcomers: when you have a bank account in the US, you will get a bank statement every month)
Green card holders or US citizens will need to provide the SSN, quite like applying for any other credit card
Your credit history can be built with this card. They will report the new account to 2 of the 3 credit bureaus after about 3 months of use: Experian (EX) and Transunion (TU).

How to Apply for  The Deserve Edu Credit Card

Go to the app homepage and click the “Apply Now” button
You will be redirected to the next page where you must enter your personal information; including your name and surname, date of birth, address, city, state and postal code, previous address, mailing address (including city and province) E-mail address
Enter all your financial information and other needed details
Click on “Continue”
Please review and accept the terms and conditions to complete the registration process.