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Discover Student Credit Card

Discover Student Credit Card

Discover Student Credit Card is a card solely designed for students. It is produced and offered by Discover it, a factory-equipped card with unique benefits and incentives that make students be on top of their financial matters.

Some interesting incentives that apply to this card are:

Students can get free Social Security numbers when this card is used. This will enable them to scan sites that may harm the security of their accounts after registration.

Another interesting incentive is that, if a student is able to maintain good grades of 3.0 and more for five years, such student will be entitled to receive a reward of $ 20 for shopping in each school year.

The student can also get a free credit score with a FICO score and full customer service in the United States.

Students can set up a switching system, such as managing or controlling activities on your accounts, such as hip transfers, purchases, and other problems.

Features/ benefits of  Discover Student Credit Card

  • Students using this card can get 2% of cash, through the purchase of gas and restaurant bills up to $ 1,000 a quarter for a year.
  • Students can qualify for credit and medium bonuses such as cash gain and other incentives.
  • No annual fees for using this card.
  • When a student shop and make a balance transfer within 6 months, he/she can get an initial APR of 0% and 10.99%.
  • Every time a student makes a foreign exchange with this card, he/she will not be charged for the transaction.
  • Students can also get 1% more in other purchase of items.
  • APR is between 13.99% to 22.99%, while APR’s is 25.99%.

How to Apply for a Discover Student Credit Card

  • First, visit the official website of the credit card application.
  • Provide all relevant information that will be required in the application form.
  • Then ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions for use of the card and continue the application process.
  • After making sure that you have made the necessary corrections and that all information is complete and correct,
  • Send application for review.
  • Then wait for confirmation

How to login to Discover Student Credit Card page

Go to the login page located at the cards homepage.

  • Supply your username and password in the empty field provided and click on Sign in”

For more information, contact the customer service at 1-800-347-2683 if you are in the United States.

If you are outside of the United States, call 1-801-902-3100.