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Ebates Credit Card

Ebates credit card

The Ebates credit card is issued by GE Capital Bank with low credit standards. You can earn money every day for every purchase with your Ebates credit card. This card makes your transactions in Ebates, Kohls, Nordstrom and Walmart much more fun. There is no annual fee for using the card and no introductory APR is required. The card can also be used anywhere Visa accepts cash offers.

Rewards /features of the Ebates credit card

  • Cardholders receive a $ 5 bonus for participating in Ebates
  • Receive 3% cash back on purchases via the Ebates portal
  • 1% back to any place where Visa is accepted.
  • Receive a $ 10 bonus with the first purchase of the card
  • Cardholders can use Apple Pay cards
  • The annual fee is not included
  • Introduction APR is at No costs
  • cash advance fee is 10% or 5% deposit, depending on which value is higher.

How to Apply for an Ebates credit card

Application criteria

To apply for an Ebates credit card and get approval, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must be a resident of the United States of America
  • Customer must have a valid SSN number
  • The Candidate must have a valid photo ID
  • Applicant must have a clear credit history

 Apply Now

  • Go to the Ebates homepage. On the left side of the page is the button “Apply now”.
  • Then click on it and go to the new website that shows the registration section.
  • Register with your e-mail address and password to continue using the application and you will be redirected to the application page.
  • Enter the required information in the personal details section and other sections as the application for funding. After the application has been approved, the bank receives a confirmation message.

Check the application status

Applicants who want to check the status of applications can do this via this link.

Guide to cancel a credit card

Cardholders who wish to cancel their credit card can do so via the link above. Or visit the bank to submit a request to close your account.

Activate the card

If you wish to activate your newly purchased credit card, please contact customer service via the link above.

Customer service

Go to the help page of the website.