Echo Cashback MasterCard Online Login | How to Apply

Echo Cashback MasterCard

Echo Cashback MasterCard

Echo Cashback MasterCard is offered by the National Bank. The card users stand to gain a lot of rewards after the card has been approved. This card comes with lots of benefits, therefore, using this card is a great choice. The MasterCard charges an annual fee of just $ 30 while an annual fee of an extra card is free. Its Purchase rate is at 19.99%, while transfer transaction is at 22.99%. The credit limit is at the rate of $ 500

Features of Echo Cashback Mastercard

  • It offers a cash refund of 1.5% on every purchase of gas and groceries online, and 1% on all other purchases.
  • There’s a benefit of $ 25 cash if you log in to your online account to apply
  • cardholders are offered a warranty.
  • It offers a 90-day  protection purchase against theft and damage.

How to Apply for Echo Cashback Mastercard

To apply for the Echo Cashback Mastercard, visit its official website (Banque Nationale du Canada application page) enter all the required information, and click Submit

How to Activate Echo Cashback Mastercard

To activate the new card, simply call  the Echo Cashback’s customer service  with  1 888 969-2273

How to log in to Echo Cashback Mastercard

Go to the login page, Enter your email and password. Click on the “Login” link

How to Recover the username and  password

It is very easy to recover your  Echo Cashback password and the username of the credit card.

Simply enter your email address, the last 4 digits of your card number, then Tap the “Continue” button

How to make payments

  • Sign in to your credit card account
  • Select the payment tab
  • Choose the appropriate payment and pay the bill.

customer service number

Call 1 888 969-2273 to contact the Echo Cashback’s customer service.