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Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card

Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card

Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card is issued by Stanford Federal credit Union. This card has an attractive APR in the range of 11.24% to 18.00% (the rate will be based on the creditworthiness that may change), an extensive rewards program and no annual fee. The rewards program will award you 3 points for a dollar spent on gasoline, 2 points for a dollar spent at supermarkets and 1 point for a dollar spent on all other purchases.

Features of Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card

You earn 3x points on gas purchases, 2x points on grocery store purchases, 1x points on all other purchases

A signup bonus of 10,000 bonus points if you spend $1,000 on the credit card in the first 90 days of account opening, 1.99% intro APR for the first 6 months

No Annual Fee is required

It has a Cash Advance APR is set at 11.24% to 18.00% (APR is subject to change)

Cash Advance Fee is not applicable

Late Payment Fee is Up to $7

Purchases APR is set at 11.24% to 18.00% (APR is subject to change)


To be eligible to receive  this  card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Provide a valid mail address in the United States.
  • Have a US social security number
  • You have a photo ID issued by the United States.
  • Be a member of Stanford Federal Credit Union

How to Apply for Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card

Step 1: Go to the homepage to apply for this card, you must be a member of Stanford Federal Credit Union. If you are not yet a member, click on the Member of a non-credit association link and go to the next step. If you are already a member, click on the Credit Union Member link and go to step 8.

Step 2: Click Apply now to start the credit union application.

Step 3: Choose your right group from the drop-down menu and choose Yes or No to indicate if you are a paid member of the Stanford Association. Then enter the information listed in the Personal Information section: Full name and surnames, Birthdate, sex, Civil status

Indicate below if you have a social security number or taxpayer, select your type of identification and enter the corresponding information. Go to the next step.

Step 4: Enter all the information indicated in the places specified for Contact Information

Step 5: In the shipping information, if your postal address is the same as the physical address, check the box that indicates that it is. Otherwise, enter the following details of your email address: Postal address, city, state, Postal Code, country

Step 6:  Enter your profession, select and enter the word Security, choose if you want to add a co-owner and choose if you want to add a paid payment beneficiary.  Click Continue.

Step 7: Click and read the three documents combined in red and indicate the conditions established in the document then click click Continue.

Step 8: You will have to choose your housing situation and enter the start date (when you started living in this location), the monthly rent/administrator payment and the mortgage (if applicable).

Step 9: Provide the necessary information in the current employment information section: employer, Title, Start date, Frequency of payment, remuneration

If you are self-employed, verify this by selecting a small box.

Step 10: In this section, you must enter the required credit limit and choose the logo of the desired card.

Step 11 – You’re almost done! Verify and accept the terms of this credit card before clicking on the Continue button.

After successfully completing all the previous steps, the application will be finished. Click Submit button to complete the application process

Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card Login

To log in to your online bank account, go to the login page and enter your username and password in the fields indicated. After entering your login information, click  Login to access your account.

Forgot password or username

Click the  Forgot your password? link found in the login window. Enter your username on the next page and click Send, you can reset your password and use this new password to log in.

If you forgot your user ID or cannot yet access your account, call Customer Service at 1 (888) 723-7328 for help.

Activation of Stanford Alumni Rewards Visa Credit Card

Call the number 1 (855) 829-6176  to activate the card. After activating the card, you can register in online banking by clicking on the security record that appears in the list above, enter the information shown below in the registration window and clicking Continue.

  • first name
  • ANN
  • Birthdate
  • The requested login ID

Establish a password and complete the registration process. After completing this process, you can manage your credit card account at any time.


Telephone: 1 (855) 829-6176

Mail Address: P.O. Box 10690 // Palo Alto, CA 94303-0843