Gymboree Visa Credit Card Features | How to Login | How to Apply

Gymboree Visa Credit Card.

Gymboree Visa credit card

The Gymboree Visa credit card is a good card that is issued and managed by the US Bank and comes with a lot of benefits.  On this credit card, Users will get a 5% reduction for all Gymboree purchases with $10 Gymboree gift card for each $1000 in other purchases. Also, this card has no annual fee, but has an average interest rate of 14.24% to 23.24% (APR may change), for purchases.

Features of Gymboree Visa Credit Card.

  • Users will get 5% reduction on all Gymboree purchases and $10 Gymboree gift card on each $1000 used for other purchases.
  • You will get a 20% discount on your first Gymboree clothing purchase and $10 Gymboree retail store credit after card approval.
  • It has no annual fee.
  • It has cash advance APR of 24.24% (APR may change).
  • Has cash advance fee of 3% or $5 whichever is higher.
  • It has a late payment fee that is up to $37.
  • And purchases APR of 14.24%-23.24% (APR may change).

Requirements for Gymboree Visa Credit Card.
To apply for this credit card, the following requirements must be met:

  • You are to be at least 18 years old.
  • You are to have a valid United States SSN.
  • You are to have a valid address in the US.

How to Apply for Gymboree Visa Credit Card.

Step 1: Visit the webpage of Gymboree Visa and click on “Apply now”.
Step 2: You will be taken to the application page of this credit card. So, give your personal details.
Step 3: Give the necessary housing information.
Step 4: Also give the necessary financial and employment information:
Step 5: You are to specify if you want to perform any balance transfers. Also,  specify if you want a joint or personal application.
Step 6: Lastly, read the terms of this credit card.  If you accept them to tick the small box and click on “Submit”.

How to login to your Gymboree Visa Credit Card page.

To access your account, visit the homepage of the US bank, give your personal ID and click on “Login”. You can choose the checkbox written: “Remember my ID” to log in faster when using your primary device. And access to your online account will be granted.
If you forgot your Personal ID, then, click on “Forgot ID”.  And you will be taken to the next page. Where you are to choose the type of account you want to login to.
Then, choose the information that you will use to confirm your identity.  After that, give your phone number, e-mail address, or card/account number, you can now recover or reset your personal ID.

How to Activate/Register your Gymboree Visa Credit Card.

To activate your credit card, just call this number: 1 (866) 234-4672 and talk to a representative. To create an account online, go to the secure registration page of the US bank. Then, indicate that it is a personal account and if you have an account with the US bank.
Then, give the required information in the fields.
If through, click on “Continue” to finish your account registration.
To speed up online shopping, you are to subscribe for Visa Checkout. Go to your online application and give the required information in the fields.

1 (866) 234-4672
Mailing Address
U.S. Bank National Association // Cardmember Service // P.O. Box 6351 // Fargo, ND 58125-6351