Hobby Lobby Credit Card Application Guide | Hobby Lobby Credit Card Login Guide

Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Hobby Lobby Credit Card is offered by the U.S Bank and offers its holders who make purchases and transaction on the HobbyLobby.com some unique benefits. This credit card does not have the intro APR rate. To apply for this card you must a good creditworthiness.

Features of Hobby Lobby Credit Card

  • Cardholders receive $25 reward cards worth 25.00pionts for the Hobby Lobby credit card.
  • The Cardholders receive 5 points for every $ 1 you spend in Hobby Lobby stores.
  • Cardholders earn 1000 bonus points with the first purchase of the card.
  • Card get 1 point for $1 anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • The card has no Intro APR
  • The purchase APR is between 13.24%-24.24%
  • The cash advance APR is 24.24%
  • The cash advance APR is either 3% of the amount of each deposit, or a minimum of $ 10, depending on which value is higher

How to Apply for a Hobby Lobby Credit Card

The applicant must:

  • Be a resident of the United States of America
  • Have a valid photo ID
  • Have a clear credit history.

Application Guide

Go to the home page application for Hobby Lobby, and then find the “Apply Now” on the right side of the screen.

You will then be redirected to a new page that provides the application form, enter your personal details in the appropriate fields, they include the following: name, suffix, DOB, SSN, the country of nationality, to decide whether you are a citizen of another country, country of permanent residence, the most important telephone number, mobile number, and e-mail address.

Go to the details section of the case, for which the following data is required; Street, Apt / piece, city, province, zip code, time to address, postal address, residency status, monthly payment, and an alternative address.

The section on income and employment in the application form requires the following information; Employer status, employee, profession, annual income, other income if you opt for savings or a bank account

Select “Yes” if you are interested in transferring balance and then enter the total amount

Select “Yes” if you want to add another user and select the card design
Go and accept the terms and conditions of the card.

How to Login to Hobby Lobby Credit Card page

Go to the Hobby Lobby homepage for access to login, enter your username and password to access your online account.

How to check the credit card status of the Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Applicants can check the status of the application by calling 1-800-888-0321

The Hobby Lobby Cancel Credit Card Application

Please contact your credit card company at 1-800-888-0321 to cancel your credit card or close your account

How to Activate the Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Activate an incoming call from a new credit card to 1-800-888-0321

Hobby Lobby

Credit card service

Call 1-800-888-0321 for customer service access.