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Hyundai credit card

Hyundai credit card

The Hyundai credit card is issued by EastWest Bank with an exclusive 10% discount * in all Hyundai authorized dealerships and a free Hyundai gift voucher worth $1,000. Cardholders also enjoy special discounts and privileges from business partners throughout the year – from restaurants, shopping, health and fitness, to travel and leisure.

With the Hyundai credit card, you get up to 5% discount on retail purchases. Discounts can be redeemed as Hyundai coupons that you can use to obtain products or services from any Hyundai authorized dealer or in exchange for gift vouchers at Rustan. Discounts can also be used to obtain an annual exemption from membership fees or cash loans. It is worth spending with this card.

Features of Hyundai credit card

Get up to 5% discount on retail purchases

Cardholders receive an exclusive 10% discount from all authorized Hyundai dealers

Offer Hyundai welcome gift, worth $1,000

Cardholders receive roadside assistance for drivers

Hyundai credit card has global acceptance

It has been designed with an intelligent chip for greater security

There is also 3D Secure technology

Customers can pay their bills and payments in Philippine Peso to avoid using their foreign currency

It offers simple repayment terms

With the cash withdrawal option, you can get up to 50% of the credit limit at any EastWest ATM

Participating sellers can enjoy as low a rate as 0% on selected products and installment terms

Customers have access to transfer their remaining credit card balances to their Hyundai Mastercard

Convert shopping, travel costs and high tickets into installments, payable in 6, 12, 18 or 24 simple payment terms with low monthly additional rates

Take advantage of Insta-Cash Facility and enjoy instant access to cash thanks to the Hyundai Mastercard

Offer of quick bills

Give your relatives extra cards and share your privileges with your loved ones

Take advantage of the 24-hour customer service offer

The Annual fee is 2,000 pounds

Interest rate is 3.50%

Cash Advance fess is 3% or Php600 and 3.50%, required for cash advance and advance payment in cash

Cash advance on over the counter fee is P500

The late payment fees are 8% of the required minimum payment

A refunded check fee is 1,500 pounds

Fee for conversion in foreign currency is 2.50%

Fee for Pre-Termination Processing is 5% or Php500

Account fee for a closed card is Php200

How to Apply for a Hyundai credit card

Application criteria

The applicant must be at least 21 years of age

Must be a Filipino, or a local resident foreigner

Your monthly income should not be less than a certain amount

The applicant is expected to have a valid identity document with a signature and photo

Fill out the completed application form correctly.

Must met the Local Resident Foreigner Requirement

And all other necessary demands

How to Apply

Go to the EastWest Bank card page and select the Hyundai credit card

Fill out the form with the following details; Your name, e-mail address, monthly income, mobile phone number, house/work number (optional), answer the question if you already have a card.

Then send the information to start working with the next stage of the application process

How to Activate the Hyundai Credit Card

To activate your newly acquired card, complete the form containing the required data and submit with a clear copy of one;

Valid ID with photo and signature (company ID, driving license, passport, professional commission ID (PRC), SSS ID, BIR ID, voter ID, etc.) via email to or fax on (02 ) 325 -2377.

How to make a Hyundai credit card payment

You can make a payment to the center by;

Fill out the Payment instruction, which you can send along with the payment

All check payments should be payable on