Loblaw Card Application Guide | Loblaw Card Activation

Loblaw card

 Loblaw card
A Loblaw gift card shown here in Halifax, N.S., Mar. 02, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Lee Brown

This card is a card issued to the residents of Canada. It offers a $ 25 card that customers use to buy baked goods across the country. Loblaws is a food giant that provides food to Canadian residents.

The card also offers a gift voucher worth $25, because supermarkets charged high for some bakery products. In order to correct this, Loblaw began the initiative to offer a $25 gift certificate to help customers buy bakery products across the country. The gift card cannot be used anywhere. It can be only be used and redeemed at grocery stores managed by Loblaw in Canada.

Loblaw Card program

The Loblaw card program  is issued and managed by the Peoples Trust Company.

The Loblaw Card Services portal is managed by Blackhawk Network (Canada) ltd

  • The  card has certain conditions with regard to shopping with it. Such use is limited to the purchase of alcohol, tobacco or cooking school
  • You can use this card to buy products other than bread
  • To return with the card, the customer must follow the return policy in the store.
  • Customers of Loblaw get the $25 as a reward for using the card.
  • The Card can be redeemed for future purchases at any of the Loblaw location.
  • The Card is sent by Mail to the person.
  • After receiving the card voucher, you can immediately use it after activating it.

Loblaw Card Application Guide

To apply for this card you must be at least 18 year old and have purchased certain bread products.

  • Go over to the Loblaw Card Program website at (www.loblawcard.ca),
  • Enter your email address in specified field . With it you will you receive notification after registration.

How to Activate the card

The activation procedure for the card is simple and easy. All you have to do is keep your card details at your fingertips and .

To activate the new card that you have purchased, do the following:

  • Go to the card service page
  • Once the website is opened, you must find the “Register” section.
  • Provide the necessary information
  • Enter Card number, plastic date and security code on the back of the card